A Big Life & Blog Update

August 9, 2017

Remember this vague post where I was talking about some BIG changes that were coming?? Well, I can finally spill the beans on what I've been working toward......

I am now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer!

Nearly six months of studying, lots of workouts sacrificed, lunch breaks and so many beautiful weekends spent studying has finally paid off! (It's so weird not to carry a backpack to work now!)

My test was Monday afternoon and when I tell you I studied ALL weekend, I am not exaggerating. (Okay, minus one hour to go get a quick lunch & some groceries on Saturday.) I even woke up early Monday and went right back to studying until I had to leave.

Almost two hours later, I walked out of the testing center crying happy tears, incredibly thankful and excited about where my life is heading. Even though not many people knew I was doing this until it happened, I can't say thank you enough for the sweet congratulations texts and messages across social media. It means the world.

I am still smiling and have to remind myself this is real. Health and fitness have become a huge passion of mine and I am so proud to be part of the NASM family and eager to get started doing something I truly love.


What about the blog??

In case you're wondering where this little blog is headed, I can tell you that it's not going anywhere.. but it is morphing into a bigger and better outlet for all things health and fitness. (With a new look, too?) I cannot wait to bring you guys even more helpful posts as well as inspiration and motivation for leading a healthy life.

My list of post ideas (i.e. why you need to eat carbs) keeps growing by the day which is definitely not a bad thing. I am currently working on a post about foam rolling which was heavily requested by readers so look out for that very soon.

As always, if you have an idea or topic you want me to cover, don't hesitate to let me know! (Workout questions welcomed, too!) I am all "ears" and want to give you the tools necessary to get started and succeed. I'd love for you to connect with me on Instagram, too!

Cheers to new beginnings and getting in as many bike rides as possible, and starting a new book! :)


  1. WOW!! So excited for you. CONGRATS! Can't wait for all of the posts to come! ;)

    1. Thank you girl!!! Still can't believe it's finally real!! :)


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