Affordable Activewear for Spring

April 28, 2017

Happy Friday!

It has been a whirlwind two weeks of work trips, so I've been catching up on studying, social media, and sleep. Despite a crazy schedule, I am very proud of myself for only missing two days of workouts. Although, I was at the gym at 5:30am before leaving for Richmond last week. I can't say I'll make a habit of that, but it's good to know that I can get my butt up early if needed.

Naturally Me, Affordable Activewear for Spring, Spring Activewear

Anywho, if you've been reading Naturally Me for a while, you know I totally believe that activewear makes me even more motivated. There's nothing like a new pair of Nike's or a cute pair of leggings to make you ready to sweat, especially if I'm getting up before the sun.

With the change in season, I'm reaching for more color, so let's celebrate spring with my favorite (affordable) activewear picks you can take to the gym, track, yoga mat, and beyond!

Think Pink

When is pink ever a bad idea? I think the closest thing to pink I own in activewear would be the Alo Yoga leggings from this post, but I've been dying to add these Nike's to my collection.

Light Rain Coats

The rain has been ridiculous in the DC-area and I usually forget my umbrella in my car (ugh) so why not invest in a cute rain coat or windbreaker? I've been wearing this windbreaker nonstop and have gotten so many compliments on it. Functional and cute! And this coral rain jacket folds into the pocket!

Metallic Shorts

Okay, maybe it's not quite time for shorts on the regular, but I am loving the metallic trend after reading this article. With white sneakers? Stop. If it's really supposed to be in the 80s this weekend, these would be perfect!

Bright White

I go back and forth about my love for white - only in swimsuits and activewear - because I wonder just how see-through it is. While I'm not ready to go the white swimsuit route, Alo Yoga has me drooling over so many white items.

I have so many favorites for spring that didn't make the post, but you can always check out my Shop page where I share all of my current favorites. It's updated weekly and you can shop right from the image!

What are your favorite activewear pieces for spring?


How To Treat Planter Fasciitis

April 26, 2017

A few weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I got out of bed and could barely walk on my right foot. Not a good start to the week.

As I was getting ready for work, I was simultaneously wondering how I'd walk anywhere and what was causing this immense pain. I didn't remember falling, or dropping a weight on my foot, and I didn't see any bruising which confused me even more.

I went about my work day, and even worked out that night, since I thought my foot was getting better. But, on my drive home from the gym, it started to hurt again. The next morning when I woke up, walking was ten times more painful.

Naturally Me, How to Treat Planter Fasciitis, Foot Problems, What is Planter Fasciitis, S'ip by S'well bottle, black leggings, Under Armour shoes

I asked my friend and trainer, Alison, and she said it sounded like planter fasciitis. It was a new concept to me so I started researching it and after reading one article, I knew that's what I had. So, I figured it'd be helpful to share my experience and how I treated it - and still treat it every day in hopes that it doesn't come back.

What is Planter Fasciitis? 

The plantar fascia is a flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects our heel bone to our toes, and supports the arch of our feet. Planter fasciitis happens when people strain this tissue by wearing the wrong shoes, carrying excess weight, standing a lot on their feet, or train on hard/uneven surfaces. It's also a very common issue for runners. For me, I believe it was a combination of not stretching, a pair of shoes I wore that makes the arches of my feet sore, and tight calf muscles.

How to Treat Planter Fasciitis

Luckily, there are many ways to treat planter fascittis in hopes of preventing it from becoming chronic. I was very diligent about doing the below routine and after about a week, my foot felt great but I still took it slow. (These may not work for everyone, so it's important to find what works best for you.)

Here is what I did:

1. Walk as little as possible - as much as it pained me to have to fill my water bottle less at work, and not workout at all, the pain I experienced when walking was worse. Stay off your foot as much as possible.

2. Toe stretches - I still do these regularly and, while they may seem a little silly, they work! You can also do a towel stretch.

3. Ice for 20 minutes - Once I was able to pin-point the area of my foot that was painful, I focused on icing that spot several times a day. (Even at work.) I used a plastic storage bag filled with ice that I draped across the top and sides of my foot which worked really well. Twenty minutes and done for a few hours. You can also freeze a water bottle and roll your foot on that.

4. Massage ball - this is by far my FAVORITE treatment, ha! As I'm sitting at work or home, I roll the ball from heel to toe, applying some pressure especially in the area of pain. It seriously works wonders. I use these therapy balls which are for any sore muscles, not just your feet. (I keep one at home and one at work.) I also read online you can use a foam roller, however in my opinion it won't be able to get to a trigger point as well as the ball can. Tennis balls or lacrosse balls also work well.

5. Icy hot + compression socks - Each night after icing my foot for 20 minutes, I'd apply Icy Hot and two compression socks to sleep in. (I hate sleeping in socks, but this really helped too!)

Don't be deceived - you may think it's getting better because the pain starts to subside through out the day as the tissue begins to loosen up, but the next morning, the pain will be back in full force. (Also, don't work out when you start to experience pain like I did. I learned my lesson!) It's been a few weeks now and I haven't had any pain or issues walking or working out thank goodness! I definitely learned my lesson - stretch stretch stretch!

Have you ever experienced planter fasciitis? How did you treat it?

What's In My March Yogi Surprise Box

April 12, 2017

In celebration of finding my inner yogi again, I signed up to receive a monthly Yogi Surprise Box. You guys, I love this idea! It's the perfect way for me to explore products - whether they're for my practice, muscles, or taste buds. ;)

Naturally Me, March Yogi Surprise Box, Yogi Surprise Subscription, Yogi Surprise Review

What I love about the monthly boxes is that they're full sized items worth way more than the monthly price of a box. Think of it as Birchbox for Yogis - without the tiny sample-sized products. I've been using these products for about a month now, so here are my thoughts on each - some missed the mark for me - and where you can buy them.

Chakra Healing Stones

Honestly, I went online to Yogi Surprise to maybe sign up, but when I saw these chakra healing stones were a bonus item in the March box, well... add to cart. This is the perfect way for me to start to learn about our 7 chakras and how to stay balanced.

Naturally Me, March Yogi Surprise Box, Yogi Surprise Subscription, Yogi Surprise Review, Chakra Healing Stones

Soul Flower Boho Headband

Soul Flower's eco friendly headbands are meant to calm your mind and are made in the USA from 50% organic cotton and 50% plastic beverage bottles. It's so soft and doesn't give me a headache like most headbands. I like to fold it in half and wear it that way for yoga. They have so many cute designs but the mandala is definitely my favorite!

Moon Valley Organics Muscle Rub

I love Icy Hot. Like.. always carrying it with me (thank goodness for the roller ball stick) and I have a library of different size patches, too. Sorry to everyone for smelling like Icy Hot all. the. time. When I saw this Moon Valley muscle rub, I was intrigued but still used Icy Hot for a while because it's the best. When I finally decided to try this rub on my foot, I wasn't impressed. It smells great, but it's kind of oily and needs to be rubbed in (obvi). The directions say you can put a hot compress on it for even more effect but I didn't feel any difference. There was no hot/cold sensation like Icy Hot, so I'm just gonna stick to my favorite muscle therapy.

Naturally Me, March Yogi Surprise Box, Yogi Surprise Subscription, Yogi Surprise Review, Andalou Naturals Coconut Milk Firming Mask, Jivana Body Butter, Moon Valley Organic Muscle Rub

Jivana Body Butter

I always struggle with dry skin so I was really happy to get this body butter made of organic ingredients. After reading more about the brand, it was started by an OB/GYN and mother of five girls who didn't want to treat her daughter's severe eczema with steroid creams. I also have issues with eczema and couldn't wait to give this a try.

Andalou Naturals Coconut Milk Firming Mask

Since my skin is sensitive, I have to be careful what I put on my face. Even masks scare me but I wanted to try this coconut milk one. I crossed my fingers in hopes my skin wouldn't freak out and was so happy to see my skin responded well. It felt so incredibly soft and hydrated so it's now my new favorite weekend ritual! One thing I noticed though: the mask goes on almost clear so it's hard to tell where you put it. No joke, it looks like you have nothing on your face! I could totally see myself forgetting I have it on and leave the house, lol!

Rhythm Superfoods Broccoli Bites (Garden Ranch)

I've been wanting to find some healthy snacks and I love broccoli so I figured I'd probably like these broccoli bites. Wrong! They definitely have a broccoli + ranch taste but I ate two and got a little grossed out. Maybe because I haven't had ranch dressing in a long time? Can't pinpoint exactly why I'm not a fan, but let's not force it, okay?

Naturally Me, March Yogi Surprise Box, Yogi Surprise Subscription, Yogi Surprise Review, Rythm Superfoods Broccoli Bites, UliMana Coco Nectar Truffles

UliMana Coco Nectar Truffles 

If I do have any cravings, it's for chocolate and these truffles are the perfect treat. I think they're very rich, so I'll usually just eat half of one to satisfy my sweet tooth. The small container is even perfect to keep at your desk or throw in your travel bag.

Have you tried any of these products?

Want to try Yogi Surprise? Get 20% off here!

This is not a sponsored post, I just love Yogi Surprise!

My Style: C9 Champion Workout Tank

April 7, 2017

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear

WORKOUT TANK: Target // LEGGINGS: Target //
SPORTS BRA: Nike // SNEAKERS: Nike [love these] //

I really wanted to call this post "the most comfortable workout tank ever and you need to run to Target and buy it" but I don't want to sound pushy.

But seriously though, you need this tank for several reasons. The biggest one I think is the fact that it is the softest material I've discovered in active wear. Seriously even after being washed it holds its shape and comfort factor. (I recently saw on Target's website that Champion has redone all of its C9 active wear line to be more comfortable, and performance-driven. Goal: attained.)

Can we also talk about the color? This tank is described as "dark berry purple" but I see burgundy. It does come in several other colors, too, including spring colors. (Linked below!) It's a little longer on my short frame, however I think it would also be cute tied with some high-waisted leggings. 

And lastly, if you've been reading Naturally Me for any amount of time, you know I'm all about affordable clothes of any kind. You can't beat the $15 price tag. I kind of want to get another color, or two....

What is your favorite workout wear right now? Share in the comments!

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear, Nike Flyknit Sneakers, Black and White Nike Sneakers

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear, Stretching, Stretching Before Your Workout, Black and White Nike Flyknit Sneakers

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear, The Softest Workout Tank

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear, Warrior Pose

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear, Burgundy Mesh Leggings, Target Mesh Leggings

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear

Naturally Me, Spring Workout Outfit, Target activewear, C9 Champion Workout Tank, C9 Champion Workout Leggings with Mesh, Burgundy Activewear, Black Nike Flyknits, Black and White Sneakers


Photos by Rosa

7 Free First Time Workouts

April 5, 2017

There are so many different workout classes available it's crazy! Soul Cycle, kickboxing, CorePower Yoga, and I just discovered 305 Fitness (which I am dying to try).

It can be very overwhelming (and expensive) to find a sweat session that is something you actually enjoy doing regularly, let alone fits your schedule. My friends and I have recently been trying some different workouts (one of which I talked about in this Insta post) where the concept is a quick (usually around 30 minutes) high intensity-style workout that speeds up your heart rate and burns more fat in less time.

7 Free First Time Workouts, Naturally Me, Free Workouts, Workouts You Can Try for Free

I'll be honest: I'm more inclined to try a new workout if it's free. How else will I know it's worth a monthly membership? This all got me thinking - and researching - about places that offer a free first-time workout. Read on for a list of places that I've found and leave a comment if you've tried any - or know of any others I can add to the list!


9Round is a 30 minute kickboxing theme fitness program that incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training methods. It's not in a "class" form - instead, there are nine rounds of exercises and you can start at any round. If cycle 5 is open, you can start there and end at cycle 4. There are even trainers on stand by if you have questions, want nutritional advice, or need help. Since the workouts change each day, you'll never get bored. (How could you when you're punching things??) The idea is to go as hard as possible for three minutes until you hear the timer and move to the next round. My friend and I tried a class and we loved it!

Find a location near you here.

Zengo Cycle

Zengo Cycle is a full-body, cycle workout. It's a 50 minute, full-body workout that is my kind of happy hour. The goal of Zengo Cycle is to always keep your legs pedaling while your upper body moves to the beat, keeping your core, obliquest, and triceps tight. This hard core cardio and strength training workout is my kind of happy (almost) hour.

Find a location near you here.

CorePower Yoga, Naturally Me, Yoga Class, Free Yoga Class

CorePower Yoga

Anything incorporating yoga - sign me up! This high intensity workout works every part of your body - especially your core. Since there's a wide range of classes, there's something for everyone no matter how flexible you are. I'm definitely all about turning my stress into sweat!

*Bonus: not just your first class - but your first WEEK at CorePower Yoga is free!

Find a location near you here.

Orangetheory Fitness

Another workout craze that has really caught on is Orangetheory Fitness. During the one hour workout, your heart rate is monitored as you sweat through a high-intensity workout scientifically designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that spikes metabolism and increases energy.

Find a location near you here.

Nike+ Training Club

The Nike+ Training Club is a great way to take advantage of free fitness events and runs in your area - and make new friends now that the warm weather is upon us. All you have to do? Sign up for a free Nike+ account to find events where you are. There are also over 130 free workouts available through the app that you can do at the gym or at home.

Download the app here.

Crunch Gym

Crunch Gym is known for fusing fitness and entertainment to make serious exercise fun. (I've said before it IS possible to love your workout!) Crunch facilities have a supersized menu of group fitness classes, dedicated spin and yoga studios, expanded facilities, state-of-the-art equipment. The possibilities are pretty much endless at Crunch - so you'll definitely put your free pass to good use!

Find a location near you here.

Get your free 1-day pass here!

Check your local gym

Gyms are always holding free trial classes for upcoming workouts. You may have seen my Instagram stories several weeks ago about how my friend and I tried a new Les Mills HIIT cycle class called Sprint. It was in the "testing" phase at my gym so we tried the (free) 30 minute class and it had me dripping sweat all over the bike. (The class is now on the schedule at my gym three days a week and I'm definitely going to go again!) Always watch out for signs about free classes or check with the front desk to see if there are any coming - and if you need to sign up in advance. It's a great way to try a workout you might normally look past - and you can't beat the free price tag!

Have you tried any of these workouts? How did you like them?