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How To Jumpstart Your Yoga Practice

March 13, 2017

Remember my 2017 Goals? Well, I left out a very important goal: get back to my regular yoga practice. Duh.

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The holidays were such a busy few months that left no time for yoga. In January, I felt the strong need to step on my mat again. I needed a (slower) change of pace and I realized I really missed that hour of balance (especially after realizing yoga is not about fitness). After all, we're just one yoga class away from a good mood! ;)

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My first class was hatha yoga taught by my friend Alison. It was 85 minutes of bliss and just what I needed. I fell in love with yoga all over again and it felt so good to be back!

I immediately signed up to take an aerial yoga class (that’s a natural progression, no?) since there was one spot left and the classes are always full. I LOVED it. We learned the basics, but still played around with shoulder stands and hanging upside down. I could’ve spent the whole day in the silks.

Shortly after that, I signed up for a month of unlimited yoga. Let me tell you: that was the best decision I’ve made to jump-start my practice. If your yoga studio offers an unlimited month pass, I highly recommend signing up. It’s an easy way to try a bunch of different classes, teachers, and to really cultivate a regular practice - whether you're just starting or getting back into the flow like me. And I don't know about you, but since I invested money for a month of unlimited classes, I was determined to go as much as possible!!

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This past month, I’ve taken 16 yoga classes. I'd be lying if I said I haven't missed my nightly gym routine, but you know what? Swapping weights for my favorite yoga flows, and learning new flows, has challenged my body. And my soul is healthier as well.

I've practiced hatha, aerial (is that even a type?), restorative, and of course became reacquainted with my favorite, vinyasa. (A vinyasa + core class is my new favorite Saturday ritual.) These past four weeks were just what I needed to break up my routine and reclaim my inner yogi. It has also felt great to connect with like-minded people and make new friends.

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So... where to go from here?

I have seriously loved every class (and teacher) but definitely have favorites that I will continue to take, mainly on the weekends. Another item on my goals slash bucket list is to go on a yoga retreat which may happen sooner than I thought! Time to start saving! ;)

I also treated myself by signing up to receive monthly Yogi Surprise boxes. My first one came last week and I am obsessed. I think my favorite item inside would have to be the healing stones for each chakra of the body. Over the weekend, I did a fun "unboxing" over on Instastories so if you missed it be sure to follow me as I share each product. (Don't worry, I'm also planning on writing a post about the goodies.) In the meantime, you can get 10% off here!

What's your favorite type of yoga to practice? 

Photos by Rosa


  1. So glad to hear your yoga journey is going well! Love this look, too!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    1. Thank you Katie! I definitely can't go without my time on the mat for very long lol



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