My Christmas Wishlist

December 21, 2016

Since starting my fitness journey, it's pretty interesting to see how my Christmas list has changed over the years. It used to be jewelry, clothes, and makeup I'd never use but now each year I ask for more workout accessories, yoga props and (duh) activewear. Basically I'm starting to build a mini gym with accessories and I don't hate it.

Last year was quite the Merry Fitmas and let's hope this Christmas is no different!! I started making a list of what I wanted several months ago, so here's hoping Santa received it! ;)

6 Pack Fitness Innovator Meal Prep Bag

I have been stalking these bags for SO long, but never pulled the trigger. They're the perfect way to keep all my meals, shakes, and supplements in one organized place - especially during a busy work week. Right now, my reusable shopping bags aren't cutting it, haha!

Bosu Ball

I mentioned this before, but did you know you can now customize your Bosu Ball?! How cool is that! I use these at the gym all the time and you can get so many good workouts with them (from pushups to squats) as well as working on your balance.

Squat Sponge

Not sure how most gyms are, but my gym has squat sponges for people to use - but I'd much rather have my own. It's always better that way, right? I use one all the time to keep the bar from digging into my back when I squat so I highly recommend! (Plus, I found a pink one.)

Ab Roller

If you follow me on Snapchat (kelllybelllly), you know I have a love/hate relationship with the ab roller. Yet I want my own. Here's why: I love it because I really feel the burn in my abs after I use it - yet it's hard to do (at least for me) which I hate! Luckily, I've been using it more since it's part of the December Liftmas Challenge I'm currently doing, but it's not getting much easier. I love a good challenge though! Another reason I want my own? Because my gym only has 2 and they're always so hard to get a hold of.

If I do get all these gym goodies... I think I'm going to need a bigger gym bag! ;)

What's on your Christmas list?

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