What I Learned Moving (Again)

November 22, 2016

I've moved a lot in my 31 years. The first time I was in middle school when my parents sat my siblings and I down one night and told us that we were moving. I was pretty upset and worried about losing my friends at school even though we were only moving a few towns away. (Ah, to be a kid again.)

Fast forward a few years later, I moved again. I've called Frederick home for over 3 years now but I'm so happy to get out of there for many reasons. (One being people calling it Fred-neck when I tell them where I live. Two - I'll now be a lot closer to friends, events, work, etc.) I'm so excited to not live in 2 places and out of my suitcase on the regular.

Moving always makes me feel overwhelmed (and I hate clutter 24/7/365) but when you're packing... there's stuff. everywhere. No getting around that! But, I had to keep reminding myself that it's was a pretty easy move as most of my things went into storage.

Since my lease is up right after Thanksgiving, I've been packing/moving my belongings all month.  Tonight, I'm heading home to PA to eat all the turkey and stuffing. Oh yeah - and to see family too! (Follow along on Snapchat - kelllybelllly!) It'll be so nice to be at home knowing I just have to turn in my keys when I get back.

I've definitely been learning some things along the way, so I thought I'd share. Some are helpful, some are pretty comical sooo enjoy!

What I Learned Moving, Moving Lessons

1. The earlier you can start packing, the better

I mean, duh right?! I've been a procrastinator all my life. If there was a college degree in writing papers the night before they're due, I'd have my Masters. Usually when I move, I'm packing as things are being moved into a vehicle. This time however, I've been packing and moving things each week which seems to take for-ev-errrrr (see number 6...) but it's better than doing EVERYTHING at once.

2. You still need your workouts

Yes you may get a good workout just schleping boxes to and from cars (bonus calories for stairs!) but fitting an "actual" workout in your busy schedule will work wonders. It's a great stress relief any day - but especially over the course of packing and moving your whole life. It's a mental - and physical - break that lets you recharge. Read my tips for an effective (short) workout!

3. Put trash bags over clothes that are on hangers

I cannot remember where I saw this but I have used this helpful moving hack every time I relocate. If you have clothes that will go from one closet to another - cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag, put the hangers through the hole, and then pull the trash bag over all your clothes. Ta-da! They travel really well and when you're unpacking you just take the bag off.

4. Sometimes you have Ben & Jerry's froyo for dinner

And more often than not, you finish the whole pint. Hey you gotta clean out the refrigerator and freezer, amiright?! Phish Food for the win.

5. I can't decide if I have a lot of stuff or not

I go back and forth on this. In the days before I had furniture, I used a bean bag and barely had anything. #truth Now, I have a full apartment's worth of furniture along with all my other belongings. I've been telling myself pre-move that I don't actually have that much stuff (aside from heavy furniture even) and moving will be a breeze. Mid-packing I was wondering 'Where did all this come from?!' lol! Anyone else feel this way??

6. A Mini Cooper really doesn't fit a whole lot

Man, I love my car but it's not exactly conducive to moving. Ha! I mean, I knew this but it's pretty comical to me each time I tried to play tetris with my belongings in the "trunk" area. But hey, moving several smaller car loads of stuff is better than nothing, right?? #MiniGirlForLyfe

7. Post move, it's important to #treatyoself

A fresh mani now that you're finally done chipping polish and breaking nails? Treatyoself. Need to cover those extra gray hairs that popped up every time you got stressed about moving? Treatyoself. Craving a massage to relieve lower back pain from the process of filling boxes, packing and unpacking your car? Treatyoself. (Yes, this is me in a nutshell right now.) You - and I - deserve it... heck, even when we aren't going through a move.

Here's to a new chapter in life! ;)

What have you learned from your moving experiences?



    Life is just Rosie

    1. Thanks, Rose! Not a bad dinner at all ;)


  2. Girl I have a pt cruiser. I feel ya! I just moved in September. Where are you moving? And where are you going in PA? I had family up there for the longest time and DelCo is like a second home to me.
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

    1. I moved to Germantown with my boyfriend. Yay, PA! ha I'm from an hour north of Pittsburgh so I'll be there for Thanksgiving - all my family still lives there. Where's your family?


  3. I moved 8 times as a kid, and I honestly feel like it made me a more resilient person and more adaptable to change. The trash bags over clothes tip has been my favorite since moving to college!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    1. That is SO true Katie! I feel that way too - yet every time I get so overwhelmed and stressed :/ Glad it's over though. How did I not know about the trash bag thing until recently??? ha!



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