My Black Friday Purchases

November 30, 2016

Another Black Friday come and gone. Did you have any luck finding goodies for yourself friends and family? My Mom, Sister, and I shopped all day and only took a time out for lunch at Chick Fil A.

For as many places as we went, the crowds weren't too bad surprisingly. I didn't find a whole lot of gifts - yet had a much easier time finding things for myself. (Oops!) But don't you always have to get yourself a few treats, too?? Does that put me on the naughty list??

My Mom, Sisters, and I also went to the nearby (HUGE) outlet store Saturday afternoon to shop some more and I found so many more deals there. I even got quite a few gifts for friends and family... score! I think this is the earliest I've ever started my Christmas shopping. #onit

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Since these items are still available (and totally affordable), I wanted to share what I bought just in case you want to #treatyoself or knock some more presents off your list. For friends/family reading this: no I am not sharing what I bought you, but nice try! If you want a hint: it rhymes with pole. ;)


Errrmagerd you guys - I actually bought beauty supplies?! Wut. I've heard good things about this hairspray and it was $8.99 at Ulta so since I just ran out of hairspray, I scooped a bottle up which should last me several years. I got a sample of these deodorant wipes not too long ago and they smell insanely good, work well, and will be perfect to throw in my gym bag. (Nordstrom also carries them for literally the same price.)

I also found essential oils at TJ Maxx (couldn't find them online) so I'm excited to try those out. Hopefully it helps ease my headaches a bit!

Workout Wear

I can't go shopping and NOT buy workout wear, come on. I found a workout tank for $15 in my favorite color (purple) and my sister said she loves Nike's sports bras so I also bought this black one to try.

(I also MIGHT have more workout gear coming from Santa aka Mom that I picked out on Black Friday hehe!)


My mom, sister and I stopped in H&M and I came across this knit sweater and once I tried it on I had to get it. I almost bought it in black, but decided to get it in yellow instead. (I can't find the color online - but check in store!) I also picked up a pretty funny Christmas shirt involving avocados that you'll see soon. Hehe!

Plus, Aeropostale was having a 70% off everything sale so I couldn't pass up this pretty red sweater and a zip up hoodie because you can never have too many comfy clothes.


I'm loving crossbody bags even more now so I don't have to carry much - and bonus points for a neutral color I can wear with anything. I found this bag at Old Navy as I was standing in the checkout line with my sister and couldn't say no. I've already used it twice!

What goodies did you purchase on Black Friday?



  1. Looks like you made out pretty well!! Can't wait to hear about how the Nike sports bra is!

    1. I definitely did! More so Saturday than Friday (gift-wise anyway, ha!) but need to focus more on getting gifts now than stuff for myself lol


  2. You scored so many great Black Friday finds!

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

    1. I really did!! Especially at the outlets!


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