What To Wear To A Fall Yoga Class

September 7, 2016

Happy National Yoga Month!

When I first began practicing yoga, I used to wear any of my gym clothes because why not, right?! Not exactly a good practice. I have learned, partly from some wardrobe issues and partly from reading articles, that it actually does matter what you wear to practice yoga.

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In yoga, comfort and fit are key so you can focus on working through the poses instead of constantly readjusting your outfit. I have experienced this and it's not fun! It totally throws off your practice.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dressing for a fall yoga class - or any time of year:

1. Avoid Cotton

Cotton traps sweat. And, as you can imagine, that is not a good thing in any workout - especially yoga when you tend to start sweating quickly from holding poses. Instead, look for tops and leggings that are moisture-wicking. The majority of clothing I see labels this, but just check the tag to be sure.

2. Look for Longer, Fitted Tanks

True story: I once wore a loose cotton tank and during my downward dog, my entire top was coming up. Actually, pretty much the whole class and no one wants to see that! Trust me, you'll be glad you're wearing a more fitted top because they keep you covered whether you twist, bend backward, or flip upside down.

3. Avoid Shorts

For obvious reasons, shorts are a no no in yoga. No one wants to see alladat when you're doing inversions or tree pose. Plus, I would absolutely hate having to constantly pull my shorts down after every single pose. There goes my om!

I've put together 3 different outfits that you can wear to head to yoga in the fall. They're great layered looks that will keep you warm enough on the commute, then easy enough to shed a light layer or 2 once class begins. Since you'll be sweating in no time, why not keep it simple?

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Since you don't quite need a full jacket yet, I really love wrap tops to throw on and head to class. They still provide warmth during the crisp mornings and you can quickly toss it aside before the class starts. This wrap hoodie comes in several colors - I can't decide if I want the teal or purple one!

Namaste, Yoga, Yoga Diaries, What To Wear To A Fall Yoga Class, Om, Naturally Me, Fall Outfits, Nordstrom pullover

Pullovers are another perfect option for a layering piece, especially if you're going to an evening class and the weather is a bit cooler. How cute is this one from Nordstrom?! I want to buy it so bad! This pullover and the wrap top above would both be great for meditation classes as well. It can get cold in the room so always have a light layer with you!

Namaste, Yoga, Yoga Diaries, What To Wear To A Fall Yoga Class, Om, Naturally Me, Fall Outfits, Mesh workout tanks, striped leggings

Mesh detail is always cute and I still love it for fall. You can't go wrong with a mesh tank that helps your body breathe as you're literally breathing in Warrior III pose. I also have an addiction to mesh leggings (especially these black ones) that isn't going away anytime soon.

Did I miss any good items to wear to a fall yoga class? Let me know if I did! I'm always up for buying more clothing. ;)

If you don't know where to shop, there are a lot of stores and websites where you can find yoga-specific clothing that is so cute (and motivating!) Here are my go-to stores:

Alo Yoga 
Beyond Yoga 
Sweaty Betty 



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