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September 12, 2016

I can't believe it, but it has been over 3 years since I've been a Gold's Gym member. Man, time flies when you're having fun (a.k.a working out at least 6 days a week)!

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Reflecting on the past few years has really made me incredibly happy that I decided to put my health higher up on the list than in previous years. But, I'm also looking forward and adjusting goals that I set for myself. After all, it's about making ourselves better and stronger - both mentally and physically. My biggest competition is myself.

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The past few weeks, I've haven't felt like my training is progressing to where I want to be. Our bodies adapt to workouts after just a couple weeks of repeating the same process. They're pretty smart.... they know what's comin'! That's why it's important to switch it up every 2-3 weeks and why I've made some changes to my training.

Before I share those changes, here is a breakdown of what my training and eating looked like for this year so far:

Old Gym Schedule

Monday: Shoulders
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs/Glutes
Thursday: Chest
Friday: Arms
Saturday: Glutes
Sunday: Rest or active rest

Old Eating Plan

I was still following the 21 Day Fix Extreme eating plan with a weekend indulgence. However, in the spirit of summer, indulgences have happened a little more often because I can't pass up ice cream. Or froyo. Or donuts.

Gym Schedule, Workout Schedule, Gym Time, Daily Workout Schedule, Naturally Me

Now it's time to focus on increasing my training intensity and cleaning up my eating a bit more, so here's my new (current) training plan:

Monday: Shoulders + Triceps
Tuesday: Legs/Glutes + Chest
Wednesday: Back + Biceps
Thursday: Legs/Glutes
Friday: Compound movements
Saturday: Sprints, agility runs + core
Sunday: Rest or active rest

Here's why I changed my gym schedule:

I'm now incorporating 2 body parts into my daily workout to get more out of my gym time. (I've also started doing push ups, jumping jacks, etc in between sets with little rest to keep my heart rate up.)

Because I want to focus more on building my legs, I'm now working legs/glutes twice a week. I know, I know it's SHOCKING that I'm not doing #bootywerk on Wednesdays anymore but I've noticed the gym is considerably less crowded on Tuesdays & Thursdays so I can actually use a squat rack.

By Friday, I'll have already hit each zone, so I'm using that day to practice my compound movements. (Cleans, hip thrusters, dead lifts, snatches, jerks, etc.) Plus, a little extra total-body work never hurt anyone.

Saturdays are reserved for high intensity cardio such as hill sprints, and also abs. (I usually do abs everyday though.) Of course, our bodies do need rest so Sunday is the day for that, whether it's full rest or active rest (a leisurely hike, kayaking, neighborhood walk).

New Eating Plan

I'm still eating clean, however I am no longer using the 21 Day Fix Extreme plan and instead have been counting my macros for a few months now. I eat 5-6 times a day (approximately every 2.5-3 hours) to keep my metabolism moving. It's not often I hit my macros exactly, but it'll get easier with time.

I'm also currently 2 weeks into a 21-day no processed food/sugar challenge. The processed food part has been no problem, but staying away from sugar has definitely been a challenge! I've missed my occasional ice cream treat or morning doughnut when my coworker brings them in for everyone, but I'm holding strong!

I actually feel so much better when I say no than I would if I ate the doughnut. And as each day passes, I don't think about eating sweets as much. (Until I see someone with ice cream.)

Additional Thoughts

Mind-muscle connection: I've been making it a point to focus on the body parts I'm working while I'm doing each exercise. For example: if I'm working on back, while I'm performing bent over rows or pushups, I focus on squeezing my lats together and holding for a few seconds on each rep. That way, I know I'm working the correct area.

It's okay to skip a day: Not gonna lie, there are days when I'm (mostly) okay with missing a workout and days when I hate missing gym time.

Lately, my to-do list has included photo shoots and car service appointments that I have to get to right after work which is my workout time. When this does happen, I have to remember that it's okay to skip a day when I have important errands that I can't do any other time. Let's not beat ourselves up! Life happens. Like today, when I'll be sitting at the car shop after work... wishing I was at the gym. #truth

Here's to getting stronger each day and beating our own PRs... let's crush it! (If you're still reading, ha!) I'm loving my new training schedule so far and can't wait to see more results!

What's your workout schedule like?

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