My First Meditation Experience

August 24, 2016

You might've seen over on Snapchat (kelllybelllly) or Instagram that I went to the Yoga Expo in DC this past Saturday. Guys, I don't even know where to begin.... it was a blast!

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Nearly a week before the yoga expo, I printed out the class schedule and knew this would be the perfect time to try different types of yoga. (I usually do vinyasa.) There were so many options. So many good options.

I also knew I wanted to finally try a meditation class. I'm intrigued by meditation (I recently downloaded the Headspace app) and feel like it could add positive vibes and mindfulness to my daily life the way yoga continues to do.

So, there I was. Finally in a meditation class and so ready to experience it for myself. The class began with some light yoga and then we moved into several breathing exercises. Toward the end of the class, the room was quiet and we were left to meditate on our own for a few minutes. (That was pretty challenging - sometimes I couldn't help but think about how cold the room was and other nonsense.)

I had no idea something that our teacher would say would impact me more than the practice and nearly make me tear up.

She explained that there are different forms of meditation. Meditation can be described as a state of consciousness, when the mind is free of scattered thoughts and various patterns. Contrary to popular belief (me included), meditation doesn't have to be in class form, led by someone who has mastered the art.

Yoga Expo, The Yoga Expo, Yoga Expo DC, yoga classes, Naturally Me, yogi, yoga diaries, DC events, meditation, meditation class

Meditation also comes in the form of stopping to (literally) smell the flowers on your walk to work. Or admiring the cotton candy sky as you drive home at night. Or sitting on the beach and witnessing the most beautiful sunrise with your significant other. Listening to a thunderstorm. Or enjoying your lunch break at the park and listening to birds chirping.

In those moments, you're slowing down, taking in what's around you and appreciating things we normally don't notice.... letting all your daily thoughts about work and your to-do list fade. Lately, I've been in awe of the sunset, the bright blue sky and much more in tune with my surroundings. I don't know if I'm trying to savor the last days of summer, but I want this feeling to continue for years and years.

Who knew that, in a way, I have been meditating and I didn't even know it! I am really happy I took a class though, and I don't plan on stopping there.

I should probably mention that I had even more fun than I thought I would at the Yoga Expo DC, if that's possible! My friend and I explored the vendor area and learned about some great companies, got some goodies and sampled food. (There was a man who makes his own yoga mats with the coolest designs and hidden words - I wish I grabbed his card!)

It was a full 6 hours of yoga but I left more energized than ever! Hashtag Namaslay! ;)

Have you ever tried meditation? What was your experience like? 



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