My 2016 Goals Update

April 27, 2016

I have been doing a terrible job at keeping you guys informed of how I'm coming along with my goals for 2016. Oops! I'm trying to get better at that, starting with today's post.

First of all, getting a Passion Planner has been a game changer. In a good way. It has forced me to plan out each week's focus and to-do list (and lay out the steps to get there) and the end of month reflection pages are amazing. Looking back on each months triumphs, listing what and who I'm thankful for and what I need to change has helped me more than I ever thought.

My 2016 Goals, My 2016 Goals Update, yoga, plank pose, namaste, yogi, yoga pose, strong

So, let's get into my actual goals for this year and where I stand on each. Gulp!

My 2016 Goals, My 2016 Goals Update, yoga, plank pose, namaste, yogi, yoga pose, strong, Back day, Gold's Gym, monday motivation, flex friday

Goal #1: Sign up for a fitness competition

This is the one goal I haven't done much anything with, to be honest. Mainly because I feel like I'm not totally ready. (But are you every really ready?) And how ridiculously dark is that spray tan!

Goal #2: Get back to doing research

I have been getting back to researching things I don't know, such as new exercises, safe supplements and healthy meals so I don't get stuck in a rut. I'm always emailing articles to myself (I made an entire folder for all of 'em... there's a lot), saving tweets during work to read later and watching YouTube exercises. Learning never stops - there's so much to know!

Goal #3: 4 sets, no rest

I've been mixing it up on this one: going the 4 sets/no rest route as well as 3 sets/no rest and adding push ups and other body weight workouts in between sets to get my heart rate up even more. Holy heart rate increase! I've also have a new thing for flipping tires, and I'm working on adding more cardio which has been challenging! It's been a while since I've ran, so doing sprints across a field certainly makes my body (and mind) work harder.

My 2016 Goals, My 2016 Goals Update, yoga, plank pose, namaste, yogi, yoga pose, strong, Back day, Gold's Gym, monday motivation, flex friday, Incline chest press

Goal #4: Conquer a handstand

Due to a slight concussion a month ago, I've been taking some time off of practicing yoga - mainly being upside down - so I'm not quite at a handstand level, yet. However, I am still killin' it with my headstands and learned a new way to start to learn handstands. I love practicing!

Goal #5: Be able to do 15-20 pull ups

So when it comes to anything, I like instant gratification, especially when it comes to gains and workouts. But realistically, 99% of the time, that just isn't going to happen, so while I'm not quite to 15 pull ups (more like 3 solid, full range ones) I have been working on first strengthening my back muscles because if they're too weak - it'll take super powers to muster 20 pull ups. I'm also working on pull ups and chin ups several times a week. I'm already seeing an improvement (even in my push ups)!

Goal #6: Learn how to count macros

I've read several articles on IIFYM (if it fits your macros), and I still can't understand it, ha! Totally need lots of help on this still - partly because some math is involved which I would rather substitute for burpees. Never thought I'd say that, but totally true.

Goal #7: Read my magazines

My pile of magazines is growing fast and I haven't gotten to any of them. Eeek! However, I bought 3 books on Amazon (more on that soon) so I've started reading them, as well as continuing to enjoy my favorite podcasts.


As you may (or may not) know, I keep a journal where I write down my PR's by date, pounds and how many reps I did. It's already several pages long, but here are some of my latest:

April 20th - I hit 175lbs on dead lifts, 3 reps (my first ever dead lift weight was 115lbs!)
April 18th - I hit 95lbs on the incline bench press, 6 reps and flat bench press, 8 reps
April 4th - I hit 150lbs on shoulder shrugs, 10 reps
April 1st - I hit 95lbs on hip thrusters, 10 reps

I am so glad I started a weightlifting journal to keep track of my PR's. I highly recommend you do the same - whether you're weightlifting, running 5k's and beyond, a journal is great way to keep track of every goal you hit, plus it helps me see the minimum weight that I need to be doing for each exercise.

I'm always sharing my workouts over on Snapchat so feel free to follow me over there! My username is kelllybelllly :)

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