How To Stick To A Regular Yoga Practice

March 21, 2016

I don't know about you but the smallest hints of spring we've had these past few weeks has made me feel rejuvenated and happier. Thanks to more daylight, I don't feel as rushed after work and just want to spend all my time outdoors soaking up the sun plus hearing birds chirping in the morning as I'm leaving for work just makes me smile.

I cannot wait to take my yoga practice outdoors again (hence the lack of yoga posts) and keep sharing my journey with you guys. Since I've been practicing yoga for almost 2 years, I have not only grown and learned a lot, but I've also discovered ways that makes it easier to stick to a regular yoga practice - beginner or not. Keep reading for my tips, plus what I always have in my yoga bag!

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Find the type of yoga you like - There are so many types of yoga (bikram, hot yoga, kundalini, hatha) it can feel intimidating especially when starting your practice. I really believe it's important to find the type of yoga that you love and this article can help. You're more likely to stick with it that way. (My favorite is Vinyasa yoga, but Hatha yoga is great for beginners.)

Try other types of classes - This may sound contradictory, but in addition to your regular yoga practice, switch it up and experience new classes. I first discovered ARTOGA nearly a year ago and I've taken several classes since. I am hooked! It's a great way to rediscover my love of yoga in a totally different way.

Keep an extra yoga mat in your car (or at work) - I discovered this on accident because one Saturday I was scheduled to take a yoga class and realized I forgot my yoga mat at home. I ended up stopping at TJ Maxx to grab one and I now keep it in the trunk of my car. Now I don't ever have to remember to grab mine from home!

Sign up/pay for classes in advance - Some yoga studios don't require you to sign up, but most places I've been to encourage it so you're guaranteed a spot. (Classes fill up quickly, especially on the weekends!) I've really found that if you sign up and pay for a spot (or even a monthly membership), you're more likely to actually go to the class and not waste your hard-earned money. It's money well spent, in my opinion!

yoga, namaste, how to stick to a regular yoga practice, how to, monday motivation, Alo Yoga

There are so many benefits of yoga, but it also helps to have a great yoga mat and accessories, especially if you plan on practicing regularly. Shop all my yoga essentials below!



  1. great tips :)
    I went to yoga twice a week :)

    1. Thanks Lucie! Good for you!! Isn't yoga so relaxing??

      Thanks for reading!



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