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October 30, 2015

This week I've been on the hunt for a few items: a Halloween costume, a dress for a red carpet work event, and then the usual toiletries, dryer sheets, and anything else I can find in Target. (Which is never a problem.)

So, since I had a (very diverse) list of things to get last-minute, I found myself in Target and Express. I knew both stores would have what I was looking for but I was actually blown away by the amount of amazing fall pieces each had! Both stores know what fall fashion trends are hot and are totally in the lead, in my opinion, so I created a list of my favorites. I've seen every single one of these items, tried them on and even bought a few. Trust me, they're all gooooood.

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Capes, over the knee boots, blanket scarves.... seriously anything you could want to get your hands on for fall. I did a walk-through in Target and it's literally a one-stop-shop for fall fashion.... and I didn't even have time to look at the shoes. Thank gawd. (Pro tip: if you spend way too much time in Target, go on your lunch break. That way, you have less than an hour to stick to your list and ignore the dollar spot, Halloween candy and the fact that employees are now filling shelves with Christmas items.) And I find myself wanting everything plaid - #targetdoesitagain!

Only in the past few months have I really rediscovered Express. (Fact: I used to work there..... for 2 weeks.) The fall items are on. point. So many cozy sweaters, scarves, booties and lots more. My only complaint: neither store had a Halloween costume.... but don't worry, I found one elsewhere!

What are your favorite fall items?

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    1. Thank you so much!! I want every single pair lol Thanks for reading!!



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