21 Day Fix Extreme

July 28, 2015

Quick story: I saw a man in the gym recently who was obviously an experienced body builder. Throughout his workout, after each set, I noticed he would watch workout videos of his next exercise. It made me realize that, just like him, I will never get to a point where I'm done learning and that's one of things I love about making fitness a priority in my life. There are so many directions that will help you reach every single goal on your list..... and beyond. You just have to do your research, keep learning and stick with it! The results are rewarding!

21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, workout, Beachbody, Shakeology, fitness, eating healthy

With that said - I'm taking my goals to the extreme!! ;) When I took the 6-day Shakeology/Clean Eating Challenge, I began learning yummy (and healthy) recipes to keep my eating on track. While I've come a long way already, I have a feeling my portions are still a bit out of range so I'll be starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme! (Thanks for the birthday present, Sis!) Three full weeks of 100% clean eating and portion control is just what I need!

21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, workout, Beachbody, Shakeology, fitness, eating healthy

I'm so excited to get started and can't wait to learn more about choosing the right foods to fuel my body properly, and the portion sizes that won't throw everything off. (That's where those cute little color coded containers come in!)

I'll also be taking some of my workouts out of the gym and into my apartment. I'm also excited about this part because I need to switch up my workouts. Will I get the same sweat and burn at home as I do weightlifting? Who knows! Will I see awesome results like I have been with my regular workout routine? I sure hope so!

21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, workout, Beachbody, Shakeology, fitness, eating healthy, dumbbells, free weights, resistance band, work out gear

What I do know is that I bought 2 sets of dumbbells over the weekend for the program and carrying them from the store to my car then up to my apartment could probably count as a second workout. (Side note: I shopped around for the best prices and Target was the most affordable!)

I'll definitely be keeping a journal and blogging about my experience with the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Stay tuned! You can also follow along on Instagram!

Have you done the 21 Day Fix Extreme? Any advice?


  1. Yes Please keep us posted hope it won't be to hard keep up with the good work!

    1. I definitely will Sheila! I'm planning some posts about it as I go and on my experience/tips/etc :) Thanks for reading!! xoxo


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