CALIA By Carrie: Summer Picks

June 8, 2015

Not too long after a Dick's Sporting Goods opened up a few miles from me, Carrie Underwood's active wear line came out. Talk about good and bad timing! I wanted to stop and buy one of everything several times. That won't change anytime soon because the summer items are now available and it's really hard not to break my spending freeze.

I have a pair of the capris (seen here) and they are the most comfortable pair I own. They're very lightweight, too which is perfect for any kind of workout. I've worn them for yoga and weight training, and I'm itching to grab another pair (or 2) from the summer collection. You can never have too many right?!

The infusion water bottle is quickly moving to the top of my radar, too! For the past couple of weeks I've been trying an anti-bloat water mixture and this bottle would be great to hold my morning drink. And it's pink! Sold. Have you grabbed any of the summer items yet?

Shop the full line here!


  1. Ooh those pants are super cute! Might motivate me to actually work out more haha


  2. Well I got a couple stuff but they are kind expensive for me right now, I got Fabletics and I was pleasantly surprised I still on my budget and able to fell cute, besides I'm losing weight ,That will be my treat when I'm where I want to be


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