Summertime Workout Essentials

May 28, 2015

Now that it's basically summer, I'm coming out of gym hibernation and taking a lot of my workouts outdoors. It's a much better view and smells nicer. ;) I'm so excited that it's time to swap my capris for shorts and hit the ground running. (Pun intended.) Oh, and note to self: buy more sunscreen because I've already gotten burnt twice. #palepeopleproblems I tell ya.

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Garmin Vivofit - I love using my Garmin watch to track my steps, calories and keep track of my daily goals. It's a great way to stay motivated - especially with a desk job. My only complaint: the time is an hour off and I can't figure out how change it! Darn daylight savings. (Anyone know how to fix this?)

No Tug Hair Ties - These are the only kind of hair ties I use because they don't break my hair or leave much of a crease. (However, when they stretch, this happens.) A little dry shampoo the next day and I'm good to go! And I really enjoy matching them to my gym outfit. Weird? Maybe.

Sunscreen - Because no one wants to be that person peeling like a lizard during a workout. And no that's never happened to me.....

Water Bottle - It's so important to stay hydrated during any workout - especially outside in the hot sun. And you can get closer to the recommended 8 glasses/day! #bonus

Resistance Band - Instead of lugging weights outdoors, grab a resistance band and get to work! How cute is this pink one?!

Hat - Just another (cute) way to make sure your hair is out of your face while you work up a sweat.. and the sun is out of your face.

Training Shoes - Shoes can wear out quickly so be sure you're wearing proper shoes to train. Nike's training shoes are lightweight and great for weight training and outdoor circuits.

What are your summer workout essentials?

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