May 27, 2015

As my yoga journey continues, I love finding new venues and ways to practice yoga to make sure my body is still challenged. Recently, I came across Artoga DC and was curious to learn more about it. Turns out, the concept is pretty easy: Artoga = art + yoga. How fun does that sound?

I was so excited when I discovered such a cool new (and local) yoga practice. The workshops are in the most unique spaces - museums, outdoors - and I love the idea of painting while practicing my lunges or downward dog. Talk about a new workout!

I'm sure you're wondering (as I did) if you have to be the next Picasso to attend a class. Before you start sweating bullets, anyone is encouraged to join a class. There are several levels of workshops, from the most basic and beyond:

Classic Vinyasa Paint - Paint at an elementary level in between your vinyasa flow and connect the elements you paint to the poses you hold. (Both painting and yoga instruction provided in the class.)

Acro-Artoga - Infused with Acroyoga, you'll fly with DC Acro Yogis, share a canvas with your partner and support each other in poses while you paint.

Partner-Artoga - You and your partner share a canvas and paint together as you stretch and twist.

Vet-Artoga - Vet, Justin Blazejewski, teaches the movement therapy of yoga and creative art therapy of painting to veterans. It's a wonderful way to connect back into the body and release feelings from the mind.

I already have a Vinyasa class in my calendar and I cannot wait to try it!! (More on that later) If you're interested, you can check the events calendar or Facebook for upcoming classes. There's even a class September 19th at 4pm at Hera Hub DC.

Photos Courtesy of Artoga/Jason Friday


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