Shakeology/Clean Eating Challenge

April 15, 2015

Last week I participated in a 6 day Clean Eating/Shakeology Challenge. While my goal isn't to loose weight, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to clean eating and choosing the right foods for me so I decided to join my sister and a group of ladies to try it.

I really learned a lot in a short amount of time.... I was amazed actually! If you're looking to do a similar challenge, or just want to start eating healthier, read on about my experience - and hopefully this helps your decision!

Shakeology, clean eating, challenge, Shakeology Clean Eating Challenge

Before the week began, we were provided with a shopping list which was SO helpful! It literally had every single item you needed for the week. I loved being able to take 1 list to the grocery store. I did meal prep as much as I could on Sunday but it was tough because we received the next day's menu the day before so I couldn't plan very much out during the week.

Shakeology, Clean Eating, Challenge, Spaghetti Squash

What I didn't foresee was kind of an "off" first day, which went a little something like this:

Breakfast was oatmeal and I found it hard to measure all the ingredients at work (didn't plan THAT much ahead, turns out). As a result, I added too much water in my oatmeal so it turned out soggy and bland because I didn't think I needed natural sweetener. #Monday

Then, while assembling my salad for lunch, my chicken literally blew up in my face (in front of a coworker) after I took it out of the microwave. I pierced it with a fork and next thing I knew, I had chicken bits in my hair and eyes. #truestory Work was so busy I missed one of the snacks (we eat 5-6 meals a day) and several times I just wanted chocolate. (Maybe it was due to the bowl of Reese's peanut butter cups on my desk).

Shakeology, Clean Eating, Challenge, Spaghetti Squash

Despite a comical first day, I stuck with it and each day was even better than the last. I'm really glad I tried the challenge! The meals were really good too (I'll be sharing some favorites soon!) - and I'll definitely be making several of them more often. I was up later than I wanted some nights so I could prep the next day's meals but it was worth it. I also realized my portion sizes were too big since we had to measure pretty much everything. Oops! Also... fair warning: your lunch box will grow to become a lunch BAG big enough for at least 6 pieces of tupperware. #justsayin

Shakeology, Clean Eating, Challenge, Spaghetti Squash

The Shakeology shakes were pretty good as well. I didn't find them to be very filling even though 1 recipe makes quite a lot. Some nights they were a quick dinner (or snack) but I think I need more of a meal each night - especially after working out. That's just me though! I have heard a lot of Shakeology success stories.

This challenge was a great way for me to learn more about what foods work with clean eating and how much better your body responds to healthy food. If you're not sure where to start - this may be a great way because of the structure. If you have any questions, feel free to email or Tweet me. I'd love to help!

There was no compensation for this review - it's just something I tried and wanted to share!

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  1. My husband was concerned about his weight after his shoulder surgery. He was specifically worried about the recovery period and the lack of exercise he could do while his ligaments and tendons healed and that's when we started Shakeology. We drank the shakes, mixed with whole milk, ice, and a banana every morning for breakfast. I think we've followed that plan for almost two years! Unfortunately, my doctor didn't clear me to use Shakeology every day while pregnant because of a few ingredients so I'm limited to having it once or twice a week. Holy heck do I miss it! The mid-morning hunger pains I get on days I don't have a shake for breakfast are no joke. I can't wait to get back to it on a daily basis, but I get why my doctor has reservations.


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