Friday Favorites

March 6, 2015

Part of my new and improving blog are weekly posts. And, while I'm still figuring out some others, I want to incorporate a Friday Favorites post because, well, FriYAY. And throughout the week I come across a lot of articles and fun videos that would (help) make the work day go quicker. Unless you are lucky enough to stay home for yet another #snowday.

Let's get the first Friday Favorites in the books shall we??

1. Conference calls aren't fun, but this video is hilarious. And accurate.

2. Bloggers, this Weekly Blog Planner Worksheet is keeping me majorly organized. And it's a free download!

3. I am a summer baby so I hate being cold and outside in the snow, but for some crazy reason I kind of want to try #snowga.

4. Maybe I should just stay out of the snow and start the search for a new swim suit. Target is having a big sale on swimwear! I love this strappy suit in mint. #thinkwarmthoughts

5. Need to find a good weekend cocktail recipe? Ask Google.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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