A New Beginning

March 2, 2015

Wow it's been a while since I've blogged. Opening my Blogger page to 'New Post' and sitting in the quiet to write feels so foreign to me - but I hope that feeling won't last too long.

So, where have I been the past 5 months? Handling 2 jobs, working on my selfie game and, when I'm not designing marketing materials or building media lists, I'm in the gym. But, before I go any further, let's rewind a little bit....

It all started when I went to Miami last July for my 29th birthday. I have never traveled much, or done anything outside of my comfort zone. MIAMI is out of your comfort zone?! - you ask. In a way yes, because since I can remember my birthdays have been spent with family enjoying fireworks, beaches and cookouts. (Nothing wrong with all that at all btw!) And not to mention, it takes a lot of money to travel.

But then, I was talking to my boyfriend over lunch one day about what I wanted to do for my birthday. In what came as a surprise to myself I declared that I wanted to do something different... Something I have never experienced before. We pretty much decided that day we'd be going to Miami - and invite all our friends. Since that time, I have had a burning fire for experiencing new things and started to think about my health and fitness goals. (The thought of going to Miami and bikinis may have pushed me a little more than usual.) He and I decided we would start training together (him training me, really) and I've never looked back.

Miami, beaches

Here we are today, 8 months later and I have been working out 6 days a week consistently. I'm reaching, and surpassing, goals already which is a huge motivator for me.

Had you asked me when I started this fitness journey what I expected to get out of it, I never would've said being mentally stronger. Yes, in these months I've learned a lot of workouts and what's best for me... but I've also learned I am my biggest critic and (more importantly) I CAN DO ANYTHING. It may not come easy, and I may will struggle at first, but I will get there.

My confidence is also higher than it has ever been. I feel like I can take on anything, whether it's increasing my weight on deadlifts, a big project at work or life struggles. I know that I have the will power to handle it and do anything to the best of my ability.

yoga, nike, livestrong, side plank, tree pose

So, today marks a new beginning and an "enhanced" blog, if you will (even a new design coming soon!). You'll still see outfit photos, just not in the capacity as before. And, while my focus is still 'feeling good', I'll be adding much more content about working out, taking care of your body and eating well because that is what really makes me feel good! (Oh and of course, my favorite active wear!)

gym, workout, target, activewear

I have SO MUCH to share and I've been keeping a list of ideas. There is also a fun collaboration coming up that will help kick things off and I'm so excited to start this new journey! I thank you all bunches for reading and hope you'll keep coming back for fitness advice, lessons I've learned and ways to push yourself.

Are there any specific posts you want to see? Let me know in the comments!

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