6 Maxi Dresses For Summer

May 7, 2013

Despite the rain outside, I'm focusing on my love of maxi dresses and stocking up for a summer full of maximum comfort. (Pun, intended.) If you're in the same boat as me, keep reading for my 6 maxi dress picks for summer!

I've worn the crap out of this black maxi dress so, after owning it for 4 years, it's time to find a new version that I can wear with anything. The black Target beauty above is the perfect maxi! Since I'm also a fan of stripes and color, I also chose some of my favorite bold styles. Not sure if you'll get a lot of wear out of them? Wrongo! Throw a sweater or denim jacket over top or a lightweight scarf and finish with a neutral sandal.

How are you wearing a maxi dress this summer?

Shop My Picks Below!


  1. I really want more maxis for summer. I'm loving that pink tank style one!

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  2. LOVE that chevron dress! And the blue one too :)

  3. I've been on the search for a black maxi dress and I love the one you chose!


  4. Great selection! So cool:)


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