Easter Style Guide

March 27, 2013

Growing up, my family and I always had big Easter celebrations and took family pictures with my brothers in their shirt and ties and my sister and I wearing the latest Easter dress styles (complete with a straw hat even, duh). It's one of my favorite memories and to this day I still get a new outfit. Easter is a special holiday as well as the beginning of warm weather (unless you're here in DC) so why not celebrate with a new outfit? I've put together some of my favorites below..

When I think of Easter and this time of year, bright colors and (of course) floral come to mind..which I may be wearing this year. I also love eyelet and jacquard for Easter or any springtime event. They're both versatile, lady-like fabrics that never go out of style. It's no coincidence that I picked all dresses either. Sometimes it's easier to grab a dress from your closet and bring a cardigan along if you get cold. Throw on heels and a good statement necklace and you're out the door!

Do you buy a new outfit each year for any holiday?

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  1. That white eyelet dress is SO pretty! It would make a great summer dress!

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  2. Gosh I wish it was warm enough to wear eyelet! I love Easter dresses!

  3. Love the post girl!! I'm searching for a cute dress for Easter!


  4. I love dressing up for holidays! I love both the two floral dresses :)


  5. an Easter dress is added to my closet every year! love these!


  6. I would get a new dress every year when i was younger complete with an Easter hat!! if it was warm enough i would definitely wear something like the yellow dress.


  7. I LOVED Easter as a child, I always got a new dress and that was the highlight of spring pretty much! Hey, I was home schooled, I didn't have a lot to look forward to.


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