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February 20, 2013

Forever 21 Finds

Forever 21 Finds by alissakelly featuring forever 21

It's been a while since I've shopped at Forever 21, but now I'm finding myself wanting to add so many items from there to my closet- especially anything with stripes. The store is killing it with the selection of tops and bags. So many studded, striped, bright items - many of which I have added to my wish list. If you're looking for affordable but on-trend jewelry, too - check out Forever 21! You can find everything from pearls to spikes. I'd be lying if I said I don't own any of these items. (My no-buy February isn't going so well.)

Have you been eyeing up anything from Forever 21 lately?

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  1. F21 certainly is the best when you want to stock up on a lot of trendy items. I got a bag from there last summer very similar to the striped one above and I got SO many compliments on it! I love that black and white sheer top too. It looks like there may be some Forever 21 shopping in my near future :)

  2. these f21 goodies are fabulous! love them all :) xo

  3. I love that peplum top! I always want to buy everything in F21. I just ordered a peplum top and a'll see it on the blog soon, I'm sure :)

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  4. Love it Alyssa..just ordered the peplum should get some kickbacks from F21!

  5. Ok I seriously need that bag brown bag! and those flats you wore in your post yesterday. So dangerous!


  6. LOL!!!! Girl, you are def my friend! I will be shopping there until the day I die!!!!!!! Super fun finds!!!

  7. You know I love me some good F21 loot! I definitely have to avoid going in there until after Lent, though, because I'll be too tempted ;) Love all your picks!

    XO, Alison


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