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January 10, 2013

It's been several weeks since my last recent buys post, so here's a little update - and a new look! You can shop the items by clicking on each above - or by the links below. Happy shopping!

1. J.Crew Cafe Capri - I could talk about these pants all day. They are absolutely perfect, comfortable and classic! [as seen in yesterday's postPurchased on sale for $34.99 (reg. $128)

2. ASOS Leopard Coat - My coat collection is boring.. but not anymore! Purchased on sale for $55.41 (reg. $123.13)

3. Marc Jacobs Gold Pouch - The perfect sized clutch to dress up any outfit. Purchased on sale for $20.99 (reg. $70)

4. Gap Flannel Ruffle Shirt - I love a good classic plaid! Ok and ruffles. Purchased on sale for $28.99 (reg. $54.95)

5. Target Hi-Low Sweater in Orange - A great pop of color to cure the winter blues! [here's proofPurchased for $24.99

6. Essie "Go Overboard" - Every time I take a trip to Target (which is often) I look for "Butler Please" and it's always out of stock. I couldn't leave empty-handed so I grabbed this perfect teal! Purchased for $7.

Don't forget you can shop the items in my closet anytime via my Pinterest board!


  1. YOU GOT THE COAT???? I am so jealous!

  2. I wanted the Gold MJ pouch so badly but my Target only had a silver and pink one. Thanks for linking up :)

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  3. WOW, those are some amazing deals!! I keep going back and forth on getting one of the MJ pouches. I like them but, but I'm still mad I spent way too much money on that collection in the first place, so it's a matter of principle, lol.


  4. I've had that coat sitting in my cart for weeks-i'm SO loving that you pulled the trigger to get it!


  5. LOVE the new look!!!!!!! And all your fab finds!!! I think you may shop more than me!! ;)

  6. Love the new finds! New follower (found you through the link up!).


  7. This Sally Hansen polish is supposed to be better than the Essie version - and cheaper!

  8. I love Essie polish. I am always tempted when to go to Target. Thanks for linking up!
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  9. I am loving that Marc Jacobs gold pouch.

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