Layers On Layers

January 31, 2013

Shirt: Gap [similar] / Jeans: LOFT [similar] / Jacket: H&M [similar] / Faux Fur Vest: Jack via [similar] / Bracelets: Derng, Eastern Market / Oxfords: Old Navy /
Lipstick: Maybelline "Plum Perfect" /

Something I haven't tried yet: layering a faux fur vest over my faux leather jacket. (Lots of faux but hello #girlonabudget.) I definitely wouldn't be able to fit a coat over top these 3 layers without looking like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, but it's okay because I was definitely warm. It's almost like my vest now has sleeves, and my jacket has fur on it! And also - these heeled oxfords have become my new favorite shoe.

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Goodies: Get Fit

January 30, 2013

First of all - thank you for the sweet comments on yesterday's post! I'm so glad you all liked how I styled a summer maxi dress for winter!

Today, I'm linking up with Shanna because I want in on the randomness. And I have a funny story to tell. We'll get there soon - but I figured I'd give a little update on my goal of eating healthier and working out more.

1. I used a gift card from Christmas to buy workout gear from Old Navy. Yes, you read that right. I figured cute, obnoxiously bright workout clothes will help motivate me. And so far it's working! Old Navy's Active line is fantastic if you're looking for affordable workout wear. (This is not a sponsored post - I just use and like the line.)

2. After I abandoned the cleanse, what to do with all that almond milk?! I found the recipe for blueberry muffins made with said almond milk online and you'd never know they're "different." Which is good because I'm picky. [recipe here] If you have any other good recipes, send them my way!

3. During a recent trip to Target with Matt, I volunteered to get the Valentine's Day candy because I like pink and red m&m's and chocolate in general. I went a little overboard - so it's time to also work on my self-control.

4. A healthy Pinterecipe - skinny chicken parm turned out AH-MAZING. Matt and I couldn't stop mumbling how good it was as we inhaled it. I am definitely going to be adding it to my recipe binder and dinner rotation.

Now here's my story (if you're still reading). Since the sun was out yesterday and I didn't even need a coat to get the mail, I decided to go for a run. (I'm still building up my endurance, mind you, so I knew it'd be tough.) My ankles hurt, my nose was runny and I had an itch in my throat that would not go away so I kept coughing. I must've looked like I was struggling because a police officer stopped to ask if I was okay. Since my mind was racing & trying to figure out what sort of law I was breaking as he pulled up, I was only able to spit out 'Oh I'm fine! Thank you though!' Real smooth, Alissa.

To follow along with my Get Fit resolution, #ootd or for many more photos that don't make the blog- you can find me on Instagram @alkfeelinggood or here.

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The Winter Maxi

January 29, 2013

Maxi Dress: unknown [similar] / Turtleneck: Old Navy [similar] / Faux Fur Vest: Skaist-Taylor [similar] / Tights: Alloy [similar] / Jewelry: Forever 21 necklace, Eastern Market bracelet / 
Bag: Steve Madden [similar] / Oxfords: Old Navy / Lipstick: Maybelline "Plum Perfect" /

Since my black maxi dress is more summery and I can't wear it like this right now, I decided to winterize it while it's still hanging in my closet. The first item I grabbed: a black turtleneck. I have worn mine so many times I may need to buy another one. I also added a faux fur vest for extra warmth (and a different texture) - along with tights and heeled oxfords. In no time your summer maxi is ready for snow!

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Blue & a Bubble Necklace

January 28, 2013

Cable Knit Sweater: Old Navy / Floral Shirt: Zara [love this one] / Jeans: Gap [similar] / 
Heels: Target [on sale!] / Necklace: J.Crew Factory [on sale!] / Sunnies: Betsey Johnson [similar] /

Add me to the list of bloggers that have "The" bubble necklace! I have been pricing these babies for months - then I found this one on major sale at the J.Crew Factory store when we were in Florida. (That state has amazing shopping.) Anywho - I had to pair it with my cobalt blue cable knit sweater and floral top for its first outing. There's a lot of interest in this outfit (without being too crazy) and I love it. Winter doesn't have to mean drab clothes/no color! Oh - you can also add me to the list of the rule-breakers who wear white after Labor Day! ;)

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Reader Poll

January 26, 2013

We're almost through the first month of 2013, and I've been doing a lot of thinking. Some of it keeps me up at night like all the ideas racing through my head about this blog. I have so many thoughts written down: post ideas, design ideas.. you name it. My lists and To-Do items are crazy and I think I'm putting stress on myself.

The reason I started this blog is because I love writing and sharing affordable fashion with you all, however I haven't really asked what you want to see. Here is where you (my lovely readers) come in. As I work at progressing Feeling Good to where I want it to be, and reach certain goals I write down, I'd love your input.

My only request: please fill out the answers to this survey, and shed some light on what you're thinking when you read Feeling Good. Ok - there's one more thing: please be honest. I want to know the good and not-so-good thoughts pertaining to this blog.

I've got dreams... hopes... about taking Feeling Good to the next level and I'd love your help. As always, THANK YOU for reading, listening and giving your feedback. ;)

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Friday's Fancies: Black & White

January 25, 2013

Black & White

Black & White by alissakelly featuring asos dresses

Boring. That's how I used to see black and white outfits. Well, now I see the combo in a whole new light as a chic and modern pairing. [see my first b&w outfit here] I love it so much I couldn't stick to one outfit for Friday's Fancies. What's happening to me? First, I find out I love broccoli. And snow. Now black and white? It's like a whole new me. ;)

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Bright Stripes

January 24, 2013

Top: J.Crew Factory / Jeans: Express [similar] / Belt: ASOS / Bag: J.Crew Factory [similar] /
Heels: TargetNecklace: Glam Grab [on major sale!] / Lip Gloss: Nars "Turkish Delight" /

I'm all about brights... and stripes... so why not put both of my favorites together? I'm also looking forward to spring and these colors show it. While I do have neon yellow flats that would also work great with this J.Crew Factory top, for my first wear I wanted to dress it up a little with my blue cap toe heels from Target. That are comfortable! (Yes, you read that right!)

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Fashionistas In Flats

January 23, 2013

Coat: ASOS [on sale!] / Turtleneck: Old Navy [similar] / Jeans: H&M [similar] / Flats: Shoemint [on sale!] / Jewelry: Glam Grab necklace [on major sale!], link bracelet c/o Christina M. Boutique, ASOS ring [similar], J.Crew Factory earrings / Lipstick: Revlon "Rum Raisin" /

Today you'll find me guest posting for Sam over at Le Petite Pear as part of her "Fashionistas In Flats" blog project! Be sure to check out the post ~ and why I think flats are just as fabulous as heels ~ here. And thanks for having me, Sam! xo

The Magic of Tulle

January 22, 2013

Sweater: ASOS [on sale!] / Skirt: PB&J Boutique / Heels: Shoemint / Jewelry: J.Crew Factory earrings, chevron knuckle rings c/o Handmade by Nina Rae / Lipstick: Maybelline "Plum Perfect /

Once upon a time there lived a DC fashion blogger who longed to own a tulle skirt - that didn't drain her bank account. Then one day, after being patient for a while, she found a very affordable skirt online and there was one left in her size - so of course she had to order it. A few days later an ivory tulle skirt arrived at her door and she couldn't wait to twirl around in it (for all the neighbors to see). So she put on a metallic sweater, her new tulle skirt and heels - and a love affair was born. After all, one ivory tulle skirt can change your life.

The End.

P.S. - When Matt first saw my outfit, he said I looked like Princess Leia. Now, I'm all for a top knot, but I will not wear two side knots (?) covering my ears anytime soon.

Zara Green Jacquard Trousers

January 21, 2013

Coat: ASOS [on sale!] / Turtleneck: Old Navy [similar] / Trousers: Zara [love these] /
Heels: Zara [similar] / Necklace: Glam Grab [on major sale!] / Lipstick: Maybelline "Plum Perfect" /

Here I go again with the green/leopard combo - but it pairs together so well. [First outfit here.] I'm always hesitant to try a printed trouser but I these green ones have completely changed my mind. I (unintentionally) had a green theme going on this weekend as I began Dr.Oz's 3 day cleanse. Guess what? I lasted 1 day. I decided it wasn't worth it after I felt very light headed in church Sunday morning. It's for the best - but I will be eating healthier, watching my portion size and working out harder. After I eat a pizza.

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