Random Wednesday

December 12, 2012

I'd like to place a bet: you've seen these ecards floating around the internet at some point in time. I find most of these gems on Pinterest and MAN they are accurate! (Seriously.) Who comes up with these? A genius, that's who. Well, laughing burns calories (and every time I read these it's my daily workout) so I have to share some of my favorites. The first one: dedicated to my fellow bloggers who love Target - and there's a lot of us out there!

Speaking of Target ~ I just got the REDcard.. but don't worry (Mom!) - it's only a debit card so the money (I don't have) comes right out of my (small) bank account. I'll do (almost) anything for 5% off.

Linking up with Shanna today on this very Random Wednesday! :)


  1. Someecards are my favorite!! Have you been to their website?? Me and my friends email them to each other all the time. I think the Pinterest and grocery store ones are my favorite!

  2. I laughed reading all of this and finished with a big ol', "YUUUUUUUP!" These are so true.

    Thanks for sharing these!


  3. Those are all sooo true!! Love the Target one and the grocery one especially haha story of my life!


  4. Haha I love these someecards! The one about Target and the FB friend request is SO true!

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  5. Haha, the Target one is my favorite!! Haven't seen it before and of course, it's the story of my life!
    Great Random Wednesday Post :)
    XO Angela

  6. Ecards are the BEST!!! I love target as well... it's such a dangerous store!

  7. The first two are sooooooo me!! These cards always crack me up! And high five for the REDCard!! It's the best thing that's come along in a while. :) Thanks for linking up!!


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