December 27, 2012

Our silver & purple tree!

Holiday Heels from Shoemint

Sparkles & cocktails

Ashley and I were twinsies in sequins at her cocktail party!

A polka dot chocolate raspberry dessert from Date Night

DIY Christmas table decor: votive, tinsel & a tea light

I hope you all had a great relaxing holiday! For us, the month of December has been jam-packed with holiday events and they were all so much fun! Here's a look into some events via Instagram, including a cocktail party, decorating our tree and much more. (I just realized there is a lot of sparkle in these photos and I love it! It's that time of year after all.)

We are off to Florida until next week! If you're looking for an escape from all this cold weather, follow me on Instagram here or @alkfeelinggood. I'll be back soon with lots of new posts to share!


  1. I LOVE your sparkly heels! I'm soo jealous that you're going to FL. I need some sun in my life! Have a wonderful trip :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Those heels are TDF!!!! Holy amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Such pretty pics and I am NUTS about those heels! Have a fab trip and Happy New Year love!


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