Red With A Twist

November 20, 2012

This is a fitting post because my eye resembles the color of my cardigan. Yep. I'm now out of (picture-taking) commission due to pink eye... which I caught in the movie theater last Friday. After a sleepless night, blurry vision and a visit to the MinuteClinic (with lots of stares) - I'm slowly nursing my swollen eye back to health with eye drops -- which I am NOT a fan of! I still have lots to be thankful for though! ;)

Chambray: Old Navy [similar] / Cardigan: Gap [similar] / Jeans: Gap [similar] / Heels: Colin Stuart [love these] / Jewelry: Eastern Market / Clutch: American Eagle [love this one] /
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson [similar]

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  1. Those leopard heels are HOT! I'm sorry about your eye :( A few years back I kept getting pink eye due to my contacts and it was not fun.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Oh no... pinkeye is the worst. ugh. So sorry! But, you look gorgeous!!!! You know I'm dying over the shoes.


  3. BLERG! Pink eye is the worst! But at least you still look good! I'm a big fan of that chambray shirt!!!

  4. Oh no!! So sorry about your eye! Get better soon!
    At least you have some awesome leopard heels!



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