Pardon My French

November 13, 2012


That's all the French I know after taking it for a year in high school - which was a long time ago. (Side note: you do not get extra credit if your friend French braids your hair in class.) In case you missed it, sassy sweaters are a big hit right now and I'm feeling sassy. I saw this one and had to have it because of the mustache and all its quirkiness. Matt also informed me that, for the male population, it's "no-shave-November" so wearing this sweater to brunch in DC on a Sunday was only fitting.

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Sweater: Forever 21 / Gingham shirt: J.Crew [similar] / Jeans: Candie's [similar] /
Boots: Steve MaddenNecklace: Forever 21 [similar] / Purse: Coach [similar] /


  1. Very cute Alissa! I adore this sweater on you.

  2. ahhhh!! I LOVE the sweater! The gingham underneath is just adorable, and it is sooo perfect for November. So so cute!

  3. Obsessed with that sweater! So sad it sold out before I could snatch one up myself! Love it with the gingham!


  4. If you ever decide you wanna sell that sweater... I will pay a pretty penny for it! I have been obsessed with it since the beginning but could never find it!

  5. That sweater is a adorable and I like how you paired the gingham with it!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Can't tell you how much I adore this sweater!!! Tres chic!!

    PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  7. Please tell me that you just recently got this sweater! I need it, but couldn't find it online. I am on the hunt!!!!! Or you could just let me borrow it!! In LOVE!!! So fun!!

  8. I've seen this sweater before, but it still cracks me up. A mustache on a sweater...silliness :{) <--That's a smiley face with a mustache in case you can't tell.

    Sarah's Real Life (pssst! Gems & Jam *vintage* giveaway in progress…)

  9. so cute!!! Loving the hair today girlie!

  10. I love this sweater!!! By the time I decided I wanted to buy this it was sold out. Sadness.


  11. LOVE that sweater! I had no idea F21 was selling it. You have such a cute blog :) I'm now following you



  12. I LOVE this sweater, I need to go there and get it! Btw, super duper love how you spell your name ;)

  13. love that sweater and how you styled it. have seen this around and had no idea it was F21!!

    a peek of chic

  14. You look adorable! Love that sweater. It's so cute! ^_^

    --- Nicole O.

  15. Love this outfit! Too cute!!!


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