Fashion Inspiration: LC

November 15, 2012

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Boy "LC" has come a long way since her days mixed up in Laguna Beach drama! (Was anyone else addicted to Laguna Beach & The Hills?) Fast forward to 2012 and I love that Lauren Conrad has made a name for herself - both in the fashion and celebrity world.

Her style has really changed since the days of cutoff shorts and tank tops on MTV and now I love to see what she's wearing. Conrad's line at Kohl's is fantastic... I always find myself heading to those racks and even taking an item or two home. It's very classic, flirty and feminine which is how I would describe my style. (And can we just talk about that sequin dress above? I need it...)

She's also a bestselling author, running her own website with tons of beauty/dating/fashion/DIY resources and recently adopted a puppy, Fitz, who is the cutest. (How do I know this? Her adorable pictures on Instagram). LC sure is juggling a lot but she is working hard at establishing a career - and taking the fashion industry by storm.

Who is your fashion inspiration?


  1. Confession: I never got into The Hills or Laguana Beach. Does this mean we can't be friends?

    I want to say that I've been loving Jessica Biel's style as of late, but that comment she made how Justin pretty much picks out all of her outfits made me think she's not really as stylish as she appears!

  2. Love the dress and necklace in the second pic! But I'm with Heidi on both fronts here. I was never really a big fan of Laguana Beach and I don't know if I ever even watch the Hills. (Hopefully you'll still be our friend! haha) Jessica Biel has been killing it lately. But question about that - why is she famous anymore other than for dating Justin Timberlake? lol. I did love her pink wedding dress though! Did you see it?

  3. I love LC and her style! I was also obsessed with Laguna Beach/The Hills and kinda wish it was still on.

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I love her style and her line at Kohl's too! It's so cute but still affordable!

  5. Oh dont even get me started on LC.... totally obsessed! When I lived in LA i lived in her apartment building from the hills and I lied to pretend I am her...clearly am NOT but it was nice to pretend sometimes!


  6. Her line at Kohls is so fab. I have so many pieces from it...mostly her blazers! She is my #1 girl crush. :)P.S. I went to F21 to try and find that mustache sweater and they were sold out. BOO!

  7. I love LC, she has certainly kept it classy unlike some fellow cast-mates (Heidi Montag-blech!) Her style is always timeless and classic, she definitely has a good head on her shoulders and aspired to be more than just some reality tv skank.

  8. Great post

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  9. I absolutely love her!! Her line at Kohl's and her line Paper Crown are both stunning.

    btw, I bought the gold Revlon nail polish so I'll let you know how it works out!



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