Goodies: Fall Lipstick

October 11, 2012

Fall Lipstick

"Don't hide behind your lipstick. Use it to show the world how you feel."

I heard this 'quote' (if you can call it that) on a Revlon commercial with Emma Stone, and it really resonated with me.

Since I can remember I've been the clear-lip-gloss-or-chapstick kind of girl. Until now! This is another area where I'm going to taking chances and step out of my comfort zone - with bold lips! I'm now on the hunt for some fall lipstick to bump up an outfit - even a simple tee and jeans. After all, lipstick can help you step into the world feeling good!

If you're on the hunt for purple lipstick, Allure has a good article on how to pull it off here!


  1. I'm totally a lipgloss girl. I admit lipstick scares me and no matter what shade I try, I just don't like the way it looks on me.

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  2. Ohhh!!! So exciting! Post some pictures soon of you wearing your new lipsticks!!!


  3. I've been wishing for years that I could pull off red lipstick, and I just can't do it! Love it on other people, but it just doesn't work on me.

  4. these colors are so pretty! i have been attempting to pull off red lipstick -- slowly but surely! xx

  5. I love lipstick- but I just started wearing it recently! I'm a huge fan of NARS Scarlett empress- its a red/burgundy/purple color and it's perfect for fall


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