She's Gone Country

September 10, 2012

Autograph ticket! Eek!

I can't stop staring at this picture. 

After getting Dustin's autograph, we watched him sing a couple feet away!


Greg Bates - amazing singer and so cute!

I just HAVE to share these pictures because I met the love of my life Saturday night: Dustin Lynch. More on that in a sec.

My friend had an extra ticket to the Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean concert in Virginia and asked if I wanted to go. I jumped at the chance and let me just say the whole night was SO amazing. Despite some rain, zero cell service and my camera breaking before Luke & Jason took the stage I was on cloud 9. We screamed, sang along, danced and had a blast.

This concert also made me realize something: I am a country girl (as much as I tried to hide it). Always have been. I grew up on a farm, showed pigs in 4H and lived for our county fair every summer. It's part of who I am!

Oh and as for meeting Dustin Lynch - he was so sweet! I told him my name and as he was writing me the love note, said 'You know, I have a song about an Alissa.' Well then, we should just get married.

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?


  1. I can't be jealous because I'm already married to a man named Dustin :)

    Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Replies
    1. YESSSSS. Poor Matt, I am now obsessed with Dustin! lol

  3. I love this picture of you and Dustin!! Too cute!!

  4. Umm adorable! And yes, clearly this means you two should get married. It looks like you had a great country-filled weekend!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you agree. Now, how can I make him fall in love with me?? It was a blast!

  5. Replies
    1. YESS! I am seriously so obsessed. Changed my laptop and iPhone backgrounds to our pic lol

  6. Sounds like so much fun! I used to be a die hard country fan but I've strayed lately- I might need to check out this guy to get me inspired!

    1. Definitely check Dustin (and Greg) out!!!!!!!!! SO GOOD! And easy on the eyes ;)


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