Friday's Fancies: Back To School

September 7, 2012

Back To School

Full disclosure: on a few occasions during college, I was one of "those" who wore sweats to class. What was I thinking?! However, on the first days of class (after dragging myself out of bed), I tried to look put together and ready to tackle syllabus introductions.

Looking back, I wish I had those first days of school for an outfit re-do! Luckily, for this week's Friday's Fancies I can pretend I'm picking my outfit to wear on Clarion U's campus for the start of a school year.

The perfect formula: skinny jeans in a bright color, a breathable top, big tote bag to accommodate all my notebooks, textbooks and accessories... and you can't forget a flat animal print loafer for walking around campus. I'm shooting for an A+ in style this time around!

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  1. love the color of those jeans, coral is my favorite right now

  2. Great outfit! Oh how I wish I could have a do-over for MANY first day of school outfits. Leopard anything always makes me smile :)

    xoxo andrea

  3. Love the leopard flats!! Bought a pair a few days ago and can't wait to break them out :)

  4. Very cute, love the pink jeans!

  5. That outfit is adorable with the pink pants and leopard! I'd definitely wear it :) Have a great weekend, Alissa!

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  6. Love those loafers!! And that Zara tote is perfect! Richmond needs a Zara ASAP! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Love this look- especially the pink with the leopard! I wore sweats all the time in college for some reason at University of maryland dressing down was totally in- I swear sweat, t-shirts, etc even to the bars!

  8. This is the perfect first day of school look! I'm obsessing over those neon jeans.

  9. Those loafers are a necessity! Great look!

  10. love those loafers!! cute back to school outfit :)


  11. I love everything here ! x


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