Home Decor Pinspiration

August 19, 2012

Before we even began looking for our first home, I've was pinning home inspiration like crazy. Adding any chevron, paint, pillows, flowers and stencils galore to my "Future Homeowner" board. (I should probably change the title now!)

Now I can finally make my board & ideas come to life in our first home! A completely blank slate that we can make our own... starting with those annoying white walls! After over 6 years in and out of apartments, I'm painting color on every. single. wall.

Here are just some of the pins that are inspiring me.

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

Image via bystephanielynn.com

Image via bhg.com

Image via theGlitterGuide.com

Image via alltheprettythings.tumblr.com

Image by Jonny Valiant via living.msn.com

For more pinspiration, you can follow me on Pinterest here, as I incorporate some ideas into our home (and convince Matt to agree to all my ideas)!

(Feeling Good will still remain a fashion blog... from time to time I'll share some home happenings with you all. I hope you'll keep reading and share your thoughts/ideas!)


  1. I love that wall paper inspiration from Urban Outfitters!

    1. Me too (obv) It's one of my favorite pins.. not sure I can get the BF to agree to it though lol

  2. Ahhh it must be so nice to have that creative freedom when owning a home!! LUCKY girl! Be sure to share some painted wall pics when the job is done :)

    1. I will definitely share!!!! I am dying to paint!

  3. Replies
    1. I know - isn't it so fun? Who doesn't love yellow?


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