June 29, 2012

Yesterday was a whirlwind for me -- the good kind! I met Meaghan, blogger behind District Sparkle & founder of G.L.A.M. bright and early. After breakfast, we spent the day together preparing for last night's fashion show and boutique sales. I feel so thankful to have been part of it all and helping such a great cause.

Check out some of my Instagram photos from last night! A more detailed recap will be coming very soon!!

Fabulous clothes for the runway show... a lot of Vintage gems!

A perfect pre-fashion show meal for models, no?

The back of my hair! Since I couldn't see what it looked like.

Setting up the runway!


One of my favorite pics! Souny (L) Alison (R)

A big thank you to Ann & Megan, a.k.a GLAM squad, from W Salon for making us models look fabulous with hair and makeup. You were all so fun to work with!! And Souny: couldn't have changed outfits so quickly without you there! XO

For even more photos that don't make the blog, you can follow me on Instagram @alkfeelinggood!! Happy Friday!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Love!!! I had a blast and feel silly for being nervous lol I'm so glad you came and I got to talk to you in all the craziness!!! XO

  2. It was so great to see you. You all looked fabulous.

    1. Thank you Rosa!! It was great to see you for a bit! :)

  3. Love the name of this post, Insta[GLAM]. You know I love a good play on words! haha

    1. Lol thank you!!! I love that as well. Just seemed perfect :)


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