The Shops at Target

May 21, 2012

I've been to Target bright and early for the debut of the Missoni & Jason Wu collections, and The Shops were next on my radar (especially after seeing the commercials).  I give the overall experience an A.... and not just because I didn't have to wake up with the roosters this time.

As some employees were inevitably wondering why I was snapping pictures, I figured I just had to share some of my finds with you.

How cute is this Flamingo print dress?!
The experience was great for a few reasons. Probably the first one being: the clothing. Leduh. Racks are filled with an array of pieces: cardigans, dresses, shorts, blazers, tops.. you name it. And the prints? To. die. for. The boldest of colors and patterns but I loved every single one.

I checked prices for those more frugal gals (like moi) and there is definitely a range, which is good. After perusing the racks I ended up purchasing an item... that will be on the blog soon! ;)

Great patterned & eyelet dresses

Color-blocking is another obsession of mine
I didn't even look at the shoes or accessories. Yet. So, in a nutshell... I'm going back!!

Have you checked out The Shops at your Target yet? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!

(Bonus: if you aren't near a Target, you can shop online! Just click here!)


  1. I went last week to find a dog collar for Princess. I was happy to find lots of treats & bones, but sadly no collars from "Polkadog". Thankfully the Target line of collars was on clearance so I snagged her one for $3.48 anyway :)

  2. There are some SUPER cute shoes out for the Shops at Target right now, specifically a pair of pretty coral espadrilles that I MUST have!


  3. I got the Webster dress from there- at first I loved it and now I don't as much but I get lots of compliments on it so I keep wearing it!


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