May 14, 2012

This dress makes me wish there was a H&M closer to me (or at least an online shop)! It's from last season and was among the huge pile of clothes I tried on that day... and not the only item I purchased. What I noticed immediately: (of course) the print.

After trying it on I had to have it. For a more work appropriate look, I paired it with minimal accessories and my nude pumps. It even works with a cardigan. Next time I wear it, though, I think I’ll add in a splash of bright colors. And maybe get a spray tan.

Dress: H&M
Heels: Nine West
Bracelet: Derng


  1. What a cute print! I find that H&M can be hit or miss with the fits but this one fits fabulously!

    The Blue Hour

  2. The H&M in my town is new within the last year. Every trip I made to NYC, Minneapolis, Chicago. etc., included a stop at the H&M. I purposely left room in my suitcase. If only they had an online shop!
    But, I'm good now. It's close enough that I don't have to plan my vacations around the store.

    Great dress! I want some nude pumps.

  3. Love this dress! There are 2 H&Ms close to me which is dangerous!

  4. Thanks all!!! I have found H&M hit or miss for me as well. I either find nothing -- or TONS of items that I can't purchase all at once. ;) Nude pumps are amazing -- definitely a wardrobe staple!

  5. i think there is an H&M close to where you live. i think i recognize where you live and if i'm correct, there's one in lakeforest mall in gaithersburg.

  6. Ahh no way Davnah! I'll have to check it out! Thank you!!!!!


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