Instagram Photo a Day: Fashion & Beauty Edition

May 1, 2012

Ok, first of all - how is it May already? Time flies but that means warmer weather and my apartment complex pools open in 28 days!!!

I say we celebrate a new month with an Instagram Photo a Day!

My final April Instagram: watching Jessica Alba speak at LuckyFABB!
It's very simple: just follow the list below and take a daily picture of the topic. Be sure to use the hashtag #FBPhotoADayMay! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram @alkfeelinggood. If you leave your Instagram handle in the comments section, I'll follow you as well!! I hope you'll join in and happy Instagramming!

1. mirror
2. accessory
3. blue
4. essential
5. inspiration
6. shopping
7. blush
8. pattern
9. green
10. lipstick
11. relaxed
12. after hours
13. makeup
14. closet
15. yellow
16. eye
17. nature
18. true beauty
19. shoes
20. your runway
21. pet peeve
22. fabric
23. street style
24. denim
25. legs
26. sun
27. art
28. red
29. covet
30. friends
31. smile

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