Insta[gram]: Memorial Day Weekend

May 29, 2012

Our weekend digs!

One of the many great views

Even the dogs were tired from a long day in the sun

Perfect for chatting, keeping the bugs away...

.... and late night s'mores!

Casual outfit for dinner

A bay bay

I look really funny.. and tall

Happy Memorial Day from the boat workin' on my tan
In a first for me: my actual camera wasn't attached at my hip.. instead I snapped pictures in Instagram when I had my phone nearby (which wasn't often). It felt good to unplug from technology for (most of) the weekend. I was still tweeting every so often!

We had such a fun time!! Days ran together and consisted of quick meals to make more hours for crabbing, boating, swimming and soaking up the sun. The crabs weren't up to our part of the Bay yet, so we set our pots way out and caught a grand total of 2! Not exactly enough to cook for 10 people, but it was a blast.

I usually get burnt to a crisp at the Bay but I'm happy to report this time I left with color, some red areas where the sunscreen didn't work (or I'd like to think that) and an abundance of freckles. Bring on my summer tan!! I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend as well!

Oh and P.S. - I over packed. Again. But I say it's better to have so many options just in case ;)

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  1. I want to live in that house!! Looks like a great long weekend!

  2. Thanks It was SO fun!!! The house is amazing :)


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