CapFABB: May Meetup

May 24, 2012

This month's CapFABB event at Upstairs on 7th was so fun! (Minus the huge rain storm on my way there.) I met so many other great women in person, finally.. and was loving the fact that I wasn't the only one rocking my rain boots!

Stripes & an arm party for the rainy weather

The venue

How fun are these cases?

Gorgeous jewelry

Action shot

The Chinese auction

The night continued at Casa Nonna with Meaghan, Natalie & Risotto balls.. so fun!!
I chatted with the owner, Ricki, and she was so sweet and funny! She also donates money each month to organizations benefiting DC area women and children... such a great cause. You should definitely check out her store. Thanks so much for having all of us!

Up next on my agenda: Blogger Blitz DC. Can't wait to make a day of it with my favorite friends -- and make new ones!

Happy Thursday :)


  1. How fun!! What is Blogger Blitz DC??

  2. It was so wonderful to have you. Thanks for saying I am funny! I love the pictures you took. You girls are fantastic!

  3. Aw thank you, Ricki!!! I had such a blast!


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