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May 9, 2012

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Meg Biram's seminar Blog Biz + Buzz in Dupont and let me tell you it was a great investment. I met so many other beautiful bloggers and entrepreneurs (expect follows on Twitter and your blogs soon, ladies :) and learned how to grow this here blog. An amazing event complete with cupcakes and champagne on a ping pong table.... table.

Afterwards we exchanged cards, mingled and took photos all around the cool features of the space.

I stalk her online - Brea Ellis of What I Wore: Tip To Toe - and
finally got to meet her!

I met Nakia of Southern Chic Services (such a sweetie!)
and even introduced her to Instagram & Twitter for iPhone

Meg of Mimi + Meg 

A BIG thank you to Meg for sharing her expertise and the businesses who gave us goodies! I can't wait to use them.. especially the Stephanie Johnson clutch.

Added bonus: I won the lovely plate (below) from Ampersand Design Studio! Can't decide how to use it yet... Jewelry? Home-made sweets? Wall decor?

A couple points I took away from the seminar:
- Keep everything consistent (biz cards, blog, any branding, posts etc.)
- Content is king so be yourself
- Credit anything that is not yours
- Network, get to know those around you & do guest posts

...and HAVE FUN!


  1. Alissa! It was so lovely to meet you IRL can't wait for our exciting collaboration!

  2. Hi Alissa! I love your blog--it's super cute! Thanks so much for the mini tutorial on social media. It was so nice meeting you! I'll be in touch soon.

  3. Thank you so much, Nakia! It was SO great to meet you as well! I'll be glad to help anytime with social media tutorials :) Can't wait to connect again soon!!!!

  4. Your necklace looks spectacular :)

  5. Thank you Christine!!! I was itching to wear it! :)

  6. Perfect recap of the night!! So great to meet you again IRL!

  7. Thanks, Nat! (for the follow, too :) Awesome to meet you as well - we should reconnect again soon IRL!


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