Feeling Good

April 10, 2012

I firmly believe when you wear clothes that fit and make you happy, you feel good (hence the name of my blog). 

Today I'm excited to have a guest post expand on that idea. Her name is Jackie Clark and she does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Her message: women are beautiful and we need to feel beautiful no matter what circumstances we face. A powerful thought we can all take to heart. 

Keeping Hope Chic with Today's Fashions

A diagnosis of serious illness takes its toll on the spirit of a woman. Inner beauty often fades under the stress of seemingly unending doctor visits and painful or exhausting treatments. Women diagnosed with cancers such as mesothelioma need that little something extra to feel better about themselves. An extra dose of pampering and self-care can buoy the spirit and polish inner beauty to an all-new shine.

Fashions trending in 2012 provide chic options for women with every build, bone structure and personal taste. Whether she prefers patterns or solid colors, chic designs to buoy her spirit occupy clothing racks in every department store. Skinny jeans and tunic tops offer casual fashions for comfortable days at home or running errands. This year's tailored suits and flirty A-line skirts provide a fresh style to rock those difficult days at the office, and modern peplum ruffles on dress, blouses and skirts emphasize a small waist for an hour-glass look that turns heads.

Despite the difficulties life throws their way, women know how to succeed. When inner beauty fades beneath the stress and pressures of illness, plus into the best trends of 2012. Some women find the strength to take the next step with a new, fashionable pair of shoes. Comfort and style combine in gorgeous ballet flats, colored to match the newest wardrobe finds. As warm weather spreads through the northern hemisphere, strappy sandals in earth tones and neutral shades show off the pedicured toes of confident, fashion conscious women. Stepping out with self-assurance becomes easier.

Hope for the future can be elusive, especially in the midst of a struggle for life, but the courage to step out in fashion and confidence brings a woman one step closer to success. Fashion can't fix everything. The battle with mesothelioma should never be taken lightly, but hope brings healing in ways no doctor or cutting-edge medical treatment can. Sometimes self-care requires a venture into the world of fashion. When a woman realizes her own worth, her inner beauty renews itself, perhaps to a level never before revealed. Her soul cannot be crushed.

~Jackie Clark

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