April 20, 2012

I've been bit by the DIY bug. I was organizing my jewelry collection the other day and found a necklace I haven't worn for years. To be honest I wore it once (to my sister's wedding) and it's been gathering dust. So I brought it back out into the light and decided to completely change the way it looks. I got spray paint happy, and forgot to take a 'before' picture but you should know it was a beautiful silver necklace (picked out by my sister).

DIY Day: Neon Necklace

1. Make sure the jewelry is clean
2. Set up a spray paint area (newspapers, cardboard, etc) in a well-ventilated area

3. Using white primer, spray jewelry with 2-3 coats (letting dry in between each)
4. Turn jewelry over and repeat #3 on other side
5. Repeat the same process with neon spray paint

It's as simple as that! I had fun with this project and even found a second necklace to spruce up. I like how they aren't as big as a lot of my necklaces... perfect layering pieces. Since I don't want to waste the rest of perfectly good spray paint, I'm going to see what else I can paint. Why buy when I can DIY? (did I just coin a new phrase?!)

Have you tried any DIY projects? Any favorites?


  1. That is really cool! I am your newest follower, and I love your blog and your style! I'd love to have you visit mine too :)


  2. So impressed! These are really cute.

  3. Thank you so so much, Ladies!!!! The project couldn't be easier!!

  4. Hey girl, it was so nice to meet you tonight at the CapFABB meet-up! This neon jewelry idea is awesome, can't wait to try it!


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