April 27, 2012

I saw this idea on Pinterest, so I can't take credit, but I have been wanting to make my own crystal teardrop necklace. After a trip to Michael's, mission accomplished!

DIY Day: Crystal Teardrop Necklace

What you need:
crystals (any size)
jewelry making supplies (clasps, wire, etc)
needle nose pliers
nail polish colors of your choice

1. Arrange your crystals in the pattern of your choice (Tip: take a picture so you remember the arrangement)

2. Once you have a pattern, paint lines of nail polish for the color pattern you would like to use

3. Paint only 1 side of the crystals and let dry. Depending on the color you might need a couple coats. Finish with a clear topcoat to prevent scratching

4. Run wire through the stones, twist the ends together and string through a small hoop

5. Arrange on a necklace strand unpainted side facing out. The polish will show through perfectly!

What do you think?

Clutch Crazy

April 26, 2012

I am so overjoyed to bring this little clutch into the sunlight for the first time. I scooped it up months ago when the trees were bare and we were still wearing sweaters. What drew me to it was the color (of course) but also the feminine cutouts with yellow peeking through. Also a plus: it's very roomy and the inside is bright yellow which is so fun and cheery!

Happy Thursday! I'm off to oversee maintenance guys in our apartment today doin' a little fixing!

Dress: Gap Outlet (old)
Sandals: Gap Outlet (old)
Clutch: Forever 21
Ring: Express
Earrings: NY&Co. (old)
Sunnies: NY&Co. (old)

A First

April 25, 2012

I attended my very first blogger event in Georgetown last night and let me tell you it did not disappoint! I met so many fabulous bloggers, enjoyed food and drinks, shopping and chatting.

Here's a small peek into my night:

 The Venue.
 Pleated friends. (with Jamie of Forever 81)
 A glance around.
Lovely ladies and new friends! (with Meaghan of District Sparkle, Ashlyn of Let It Be Beautiful, & Natalie of Fashionably Broke)

It was great to meet the ladies above after only "meeting" on Twitter (is that possible?). I can't wait for more events, brunches and more!

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Threadsence
Heels: Enzo Angiolini, via Nordstrom Rack
Watch: Fossil, via

CapFABB Meetup

April 23, 2012

I am so excited to attend my first fashion blogging event in DC! I've been searching for events on social media and Twitter came through for me when I discovered the CapFABB Meetup. After looking at the information and website, it's the perfect event and organization to start. CapFABB helps DC area bloggers to connect. There are so many bloggers in the area and I am looking forward to meeting and making friends! If you're in the area as well, jump on in! (You can read more about CapFABB here.)

Thank you to the Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers for hosting this event. I cannot wait to meet fellow bloggers (some of which I've connected with on Twitter), munch and of course shop! Expect a recap (with pictures of course) on my blog soon!

Now I need to peruse my closet and weather forecast then figure out what to wear.....

(image courtesy of CapFABB's website)

Stripes Challenge

April 21, 2012

Another challenge by Jessica (What I Wore) and this one was right up my alley!! Stripes.

Needless to say, I didn't have a hard time finding stripes in my closet. I wanted to do something different and I love the way these outfits turned out. Dresses are easy peasy to wear.. just add fun shoes and accessories! I'm so glad I saved my denim jacket, too. It could go in the denim jacket museum but still works with so many outfits.

Outfit 1:
Dress: Gap (old)
Shirt: Gap (old)
Sandals: Gap (old)

Outfit 2:
Dress: LOFT
Denim Jacket: Delias (ancient)
Heels: (old)
Jewelry: ASOS, Express

I am so honored again to be included in a WIW challenge! You can see the full post (with nearly 100 fabulous bloggers) here.


April 20, 2012

I've been bit by the DIY bug. I was organizing my jewelry collection the other day and found a necklace I haven't worn for years. To be honest I wore it once (to my sister's wedding) and it's been gathering dust. So I brought it back out into the light and decided to completely change the way it looks. I got spray paint happy, and forgot to take a 'before' picture but you should know it was a beautiful silver necklace (picked out by my sister).

DIY Day: Neon Necklace

1. Make sure the jewelry is clean
2. Set up a spray paint area (newspapers, cardboard, etc) in a well-ventilated area

3. Using white primer, spray jewelry with 2-3 coats (letting dry in between each)
4. Turn jewelry over and repeat #3 on other side
5. Repeat the same process with neon spray paint

It's as simple as that! I had fun with this project and even found a second necklace to spruce up. I like how they aren't as big as a lot of my necklaces... perfect layering pieces. Since I don't want to waste the rest of perfectly good spray paint, I'm going to see what else I can paint. Why buy when I can DIY? (did I just coin a new phrase?!)

Have you tried any DIY projects? Any favorites?


April 18, 2012

When I think rainy weather I think trench coat. And this trench = heaven.

It was a Christmas gift to me a couple of years ago and has become the best coat I own! It's perfect for this transitional weather because it has more lining that I normally see. I always get compliments so I thought this time, it'd look great over my gingham shirt! (Good thing I didn't pack it away with my winter clothes -- all of which I probably shouldn't have packed away yet).

Style Tip: A trench coat is an easy way to update an outfit and make it look polished. An outfit as simple as jeans and a shirt!!

Do you have a favorite trench?

Trench: Coach
Gingham Shirt: J.Crew
Jeans: Express
Wedges: Nine West, via Ross
Purse: Nine West, via Ross
Bracelet: ASOS

Oldies But Goodies

April 15, 2012

I was searching for a breezy outfit today and pulled out some of my favorite old(er) pieces. This dress is so comfortable, it's not see through and has pockets (extra points!). I bought it when I worked at Gap and I wear it often in the summer. It's perfectly paired with sandals or wedges. I'm definitely going to see how I can style it differently. What are some of your "oldies but goodies"hanging in the closet?

Bonus: As Matt and I were driving home from Costco today, we came across this lovely field.. so we stopped to snap some pictures!

Dress: Gap (old)
Wedges: Nine West via Ross (old)
Bangle: Forever 21 (old)
Sunnies: Elle via Ross (old)

Pop of Neon

April 14, 2012

As I was putting together this outfit, John Mayer's "Neon" song popped in my head. One of my favorites!

It is a bright and nearly 80 degree Saturday... perfect for a neighborhood stroll and pops of neon. I've been dying to wear this outfit! I purchased the shorts and sandals at the same time with the intention of wearing them together with another neon accent in my bag.

Style Tip: When mixing patterns, start small! I paired the shorts and sandals together since both patterns are black and ivory. Also keep in mind to go easy on the accessories. Sometimes a couple of bangles is all you need to add!

Polo: Gap (old)
Shorts: LOFT
Sandals: LOFT
Bag: Old Navy
Bangles: Forever 21
Sunnies: NY&Co. (old)

Pastel Nails

April 11, 2012

Today on my Birchbox guest post: How to make pastel flowers - a hot nail design for spring. I had such a fun time doing this post and they're so easy to do! Head over to the Birchbox Blog site to see what you need to pull it off!

Chilly Casual

This weather is crazy.. it is freezing here today but at least the sun is out. I met a friend for lunch and decided to dress a bit more casual. I knew it'd be cold but I refuse to pull out a heavy jacket! So I threw on a scarf: the perfect chilly weather piece. I love the colors in this one and my neon flats bring out the yellow in the scarf. (I am obsessed with these flats!!!)

Blouse: Old Navy
Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Express
Flats: Old Navy
Clutch: Tory Burch (via Nordstrom Rack)
Jewelry: Fossil (via, Derng, Forever 21, ASOS

It's also day 2 of my new curling wand trial. I snagged it on sale at Target. My sister curled my hair for me the first time and it looked amazing! It's a little harder to curl your entire head of hair alone - but I think it's coming along! What do you think? You can find my curling wand here.

Feeling Good

April 10, 2012

I firmly believe when you wear clothes that fit and make you happy, you feel good (hence the name of my blog). 

Today I'm excited to have a guest post expand on that idea. Her name is Jackie Clark and she does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. Her message: women are beautiful and we need to feel beautiful no matter what circumstances we face. A powerful thought we can all take to heart. 

Keeping Hope Chic with Today's Fashions

A diagnosis of serious illness takes its toll on the spirit of a woman. Inner beauty often fades under the stress of seemingly unending doctor visits and painful or exhausting treatments. Women diagnosed with cancers such as mesothelioma need that little something extra to feel better about themselves. An extra dose of pampering and self-care can buoy the spirit and polish inner beauty to an all-new shine.

Fashions trending in 2012 provide chic options for women with every build, bone structure and personal taste. Whether she prefers patterns or solid colors, chic designs to buoy her spirit occupy clothing racks in every department store. Skinny jeans and tunic tops offer casual fashions for comfortable days at home or running errands. This year's tailored suits and flirty A-line skirts provide a fresh style to rock those difficult days at the office, and modern peplum ruffles on dress, blouses and skirts emphasize a small waist for an hour-glass look that turns heads.

Despite the difficulties life throws their way, women know how to succeed. When inner beauty fades beneath the stress and pressures of illness, plus into the best trends of 2012. Some women find the strength to take the next step with a new, fashionable pair of shoes. Comfort and style combine in gorgeous ballet flats, colored to match the newest wardrobe finds. As warm weather spreads through the northern hemisphere, strappy sandals in earth tones and neutral shades show off the pedicured toes of confident, fashion conscious women. Stepping out with self-assurance becomes easier.

Hope for the future can be elusive, especially in the midst of a struggle for life, but the courage to step out in fashion and confidence brings a woman one step closer to success. Fashion can't fix everything. The battle with mesothelioma should never be taken lightly, but hope brings healing in ways no doctor or cutting-edge medical treatment can. Sometimes self-care requires a venture into the world of fashion. When a woman realizes her own worth, her inner beauty renews itself, perhaps to a level never before revealed. Her soul cannot be crushed.

~Jackie Clark


April 9, 2012

After a couple weeks of keeping you all in the dark, I can finally spill my exciting news: ALL this week, I am a Guest Blogger on Birchbox. So excited to be asked to do this wonderful opportunity.

Today's post: Cream vs. Powder Blush (And Why Cream Wins) - from personal experience. You can check out the full post here.

Easter Colors

April 8, 2012

What a beautiful Easter Sunday! Sun, egg hunts and family plus I'm stuffed full of food and desserts. No complaints!

I knew I wanted to wear something colorful to church this morning - and I am obsessed with the way this outfit came together. I fell in love with the lace skirt and knew instantly I could pair the cream blouse with it. Keeping the weather in mind, I wanted another light layer so I added an aqua cardigan. Light, colorful layers were perfect for the chilly morning air.

Style Tip: when you're wearing colors (especially very bright ones), be sure to keep your shoes a neutral color. They'll blend in with your skin - making you look taller!

Blouse: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Skirt: LOFT
Heels: Nine West
Jewelry: Forever 21, LOFT, Derng, Fossil (via

Just A Quick Note

April 7, 2012

Hi and I hope you're enjoying your Saturday! For me, it's a lazy day filled with naps, organizing, baking and family time. Perfect!

I'll be back tomorrow with a colorful Easter post. Stay tuned! :)

Sweater: LOFT
Necklace: JewelMint

Connect The Dots

April 4, 2012

While it's not fully summer (read: warm) this outfit was perfect for running errands today! I connected the dots and figured Why not combine these two pieces? The blouse I've had for a long time - I'll have to bring it out into the light more often. I gave the arm party a break ~ and went with a neck party today. I love pairing different sets of pearls with other necklaces. It bumps the outfit up a notch I think.

These jeans are one of my staples: I wear them with the legs rolled up a bit (above), or like a normal pair of jeans. In summer, winter and in between. With wedges, heels and flats. Love them.

Blouse: Charlotte Russe (old)
Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Express
Wedges: H&M
Necklaces: American Eagle (old), Forever 21, Rue 21 (old)
Ring: Forever 21

Bonus: See another outfit with the sweater here.