Jackie Oh!

March 16, 2012

Raise your freshly-painted nails if you're tired of dark polish!

That would be me. As much as I love dark reds, browns and black on my nails I am tired of those colors at the moment. That is, until I see the bottles in my polish stash and think I need to use them.

I was so excited to find this Color Club nail polish called Jackie Oh! in this month's Birchbox. The mini bottle is adorable and pink is an automatic favorite! It's definitely brighter when on my nails, but that's what I love! It brings attention to my hands and I'm okay with that. They'll also go perfectly with tomorrow's blog post...... stay tuned!

(Wait! I should also include that I'm not getting paid by Birchbox to say any of this. I like a product, so I share) If you want to learn more about Birchbox, click here.

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