January 5, 2012

I keep seeing a lot of articles and blogs about people's resolutions for the new year. While there is nothing wrong with that -- and I wish you all the best -- my outlook on resolutions has changed a bit. Why? Because I feel that resolutions are overwhelming and don't work most of the time. Coming up with a list and seeing all the things you want to accomplish/work on/change is daunting!! With that said: I am not totally against making resolutions. IF you stick with them all year they can be great.

This year, I am making a mental list of goals. (While also keeping them attainable -- no "becoming a model") My new year is starting with a whole new job and, in a nutshell, I just want to better myself: exercising when I can, finding a church to attend every Sunday, do more with fashion, work on my patience and just becoming a better person ~ for ME. I think with just a few goals I feel much better than listing 20 things I want to do. I'd also love to travel, but in time I'll be able to afford it!

These are just some of my thoughts on resolutions! What goals are you starting 2012 with??

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