It's off to the doctor I go...

August 31, 2011

As I was thinking of what to write -- it came to me (as it usually does). The purpose of my blog as a whole, and the title so perfectly suggests, is 'feeling good.' Positive vibes. Woosaw....... Hoommmmm.
Anyway, I'm finally doing what I should've done when I got a full-time job: making my rounds at the doctor and dentist.
First off, can I say EW?! Who is crazy enough to like going to the doctor? The smells, bland colors and what-ifs. I've had my fair share of doctors growing up. Braces, teeth pulled to make room for braces, surgeries, blood work.. I could go on and on. But you know, in a weird way it makes me feel good that I'm actually going to the doctor (dreading my second appointment in mid-September) and dentist (waiting for confirmation on appointment). It's been way too long since I've been deemed healthy so I'm sucking it up and making sure all is well.
A friend told me about a great website, too: You can sign up for free, search doctors who take your insurance, see ratings/comments and book appointments ONLINE! I don't mean to sound like a commercial, but it really is a great site. That also helped me get my butt in gear with finding professionals in my area. You should check it out!
And here's hoping all is well at the doc's again. :) Wish me luck!

Health & happiness! xo

Fall Wardrobe

August 29, 2011

In the second edition of "Fashion Monday" I thought I'd share some great websites to find great fall pieces for transitioning your wardrobe out of summer.
I do a lot of online shopping/searching and I find it to be what mostly works for me (although now I have a mall TOO close ;). About 90% of the time, I find great deals too good to pass up online. 

The first website I'm obsessing over (not just this time of year either) is Piperlime. It's from the same company as Gap and Banana Republic but it's only online. The selection is quite different from G & BR but I find myself shopping Piperlime way more often. I love their selection -- and prices!
They have special look books for 'girl on a budget' plus trends and more. I love to check those out to see what's hot and not.
This site is ah-mazing for fabulous and budget-friendly clothes.. I've already gotten some good pieces in the mail for fall. :)

Another website I am drooling over is Steve Madden. Shoes, shoes, shoes... and fabulous ones for your feet! I'm in loooove with his shoes -- all of them. I could look at this site for hours and always find way more shoes than I need and can afford. From ballet flats to 5-inchers, there are shoes for every outfit and event. Just like my mom taught me, I always check the sale shoes too. There are some great deals, you just have to look!

I'm no self-proclaimed "fashion expert" -- I just read and watch a lot about fashion. I'm ready for fall but only because of my wardrobe (and adding to it) :)

Fashion sidenote: For any website (or store) I shop at, I always sign up for emails. I get many daily deals and that's how I save much more money. I highly recommend it! I don't have much money to spend and who doesn't love a good deal?! 

Happy Shopping!! xo


August 24, 2011

Live through an earthquake: check!
Although that was not on my bucket list it is now part of it. As you all know I'm sure yesterday there was a magnitude 5.8 earthquake which had its epicenter in Virginia (2 hours from us, I mapquest'd it). Normally before 2pm I'd be awake but yesterday I was feeling extra tired so I went to bed at 1pm.
Next thing I know I waking up not knowing what the heck is going on. The bed is violently shaking, things are falling and I'm trying to wake up. 
I get out of bed and look around. Is someone in the apartment? Is this a sick joke? Is there a natural gas leak under the apartment building? Do I need to go outside? So many things are running through my head. Then, I walk out into our living room, and look back into my bedroom. What do I see? The windows and bed violently shaking again as if someone was moving it. It was so crazy! 
At that point I still had no idea what was going on so I looked outside. I saw neighbors on the sidewalk talking and one woman moving her hands back and forth like she experienced the same thing I did. So I walked to the leasing office.. looked at the TV and I had my answer without even asking the woman there. She was watching FNC and in big letters: earthquake hits DC.
So I go back, still shaking and upset. I tried for a while to call Matt and my Mom while I was watching details unfold. I finally talked to my Mom, Matt and my Dad before trying to go to sleep (worried about aftershocks). It ended up being one of those nights where I have NO clue when I fell asleep but I do know that I'm exhausted and it wasn't a full nights sleep.
And to the California peeps: you all freak out when it rains! We never get earthquakes on the East coast so when we do -- of course we're scared and making sure everyone/thing is okay. A 5.8m 'quake is pretty big!

Okay I'm done now :) I hope I don't have to go through that again.

Where were you when the earthquake hit?

P.S.~ looking back, it's funny. And people's tweets about it are hilarious. Did you know the Washington Monument is now tweeting?? His tweets will crack you up. (pun- intended)

Fashion Monday

August 22, 2011

Welcome to my new installment of a weekly blog post I like to call "Fashion Monday." After much thought of something fun I could do, I've decided to indulge in my love of fashion and bring you a look into my closet! (Plus, who doesn't need more spunk on Mondays?) While I'd love to do it everyday, let's start in small steps -- with a fabulous pair of shoes on, of course. I hope you like!*

So I love the idea of color blocking this time of the summer and going into fall. Normally, I don't venture into Forever 21 (too many clothes and I get overwhelmed, plus it's not much like my style) but I put on my big girl pants and went in. I saw this top and I had to have it! After trying it on (a must for me) I fell in love. 

Forever 21 does have a great jewelry section so I had to peruse that as well and ended up finding this necklace I think goes perfectly with the outfit. It's sparkly, too which I like for day or evening and the length helps flatter the flowy/boxy top.

And the SHOES!! H&M is another store like Forever 21 to me: I rarely go in but decided to give it a whirl. I ended up finding a lot of clothes (I'm sure they'll make the wardrobe blog at some point) and these shoes which I HAD to have at first glance. They're a tan/taupe-kinda color with sued on the bottom part plus they're a neutral so they'll go with anything! And ladies, we all know wedges= a comfy fashionable alternative to heels.

Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Capris: Express
Shoes: H&M
Ring: Shop Ruche

*Disclaimer: These pictures are the result of me being home alone and utilizing my camera's 10 second self-timer. Oh to be able to afford a photographer! ;)

Not quite Georgetown Cupcake....

.... but way better, duh! Saturday on a whim I made cupcakes. Allow me to toot my own horn in this blog post because they turned out PERFECTO!
These are naked cupcakes... they're cooling!
A few months ago, I bought the silicone cupcake --- thingys and I decided to try them. (I also didn't have any normal liners for our muffin pan). I was a bit weary of them.. how on earth do they not melt?! Would they cook the cupcakes more? Less? Am I just being lazy?
They are so easy to use. I simply read the directions and voila!

Pretty cupcakes with Hershey's chocolate icing!!
And let's be honest: the silicone cups are so cute! Even if you can't bake- you cannot go wrong with silicone cups, boxed cake mix ( I used funfetti) and container icing. Easy peasy! You should definitely try it! The cupcakes come out really easy, too. Another secret: undercook the cupcakes juuuust a bit. That's what I do for everything I bake.

A last-minute cake decoration!
Since I had more batter left over, I made a little birthday cake for our friend's birthday. They came over and we had a lot of fun playing Just Dance/Guitar Hero, went out to dinner and to the Maryland Ag Fair. It was an awesome weekend.

I Picked A Good Man

August 19, 2011

Day 26: A picture of something that means a lot to you.

This guitar pick means the most to me for such a small thing. Matt gave it to me when we were constantly hanging out and he was swooning me with his guitar skills. He is an amazing singer and guitar player -- one of the many things I love about him. I've had this for awhile now and I'll never let it go! Ahh, it brings me back and makes me smile. :)

My Weekend

August 14, 2011

Great weekend! Steelers, Bed Bath & Beyond, Rain and relaxation. I tried to go above and beyond for my readers and make a fun slideshow or collage of my weekend, but it didn't work. Maybe some day I'll figure it out.
So, check out some pics below :)

Fon-DO! Especially when you have meat to use.
A different kind of bubbly.
Steelersssssss! You know what it is.
This game made me realize how much I despise away games. FedEx field is horrible!

Is this a sign?

August 11, 2011

OK a) I know it's not a sign, it's a license plate and 2) It IS a sign.
Allow me to tell you why... This week, especially today, I have been exhausted. I live for the weekends... and today I was thinking of how I feel it's getting a bit worse for me.
Then, I am walking in the beautiful weather to get some groceries and see this license plate. I'm taking it as a sign to shape up and be glad! Glad I have a full-time job with benefits, a great man, family and friends.  So thanks, Camry owner -- I need to "Be Glad" more often. :)

What makes you glad?

Blue.. 42...

August 10, 2011 that a real play??

Ahhhhh: pigskin, jerseys, screaming, tackling. The intensity of close scores and despising the "other" team.  FOOTBALL SEASON.
And I'm going to the Steelers first game.  Crazy I know! It was totally a last minute thing. Lucky for me, they're playing the Washington Redskins who have their field in Maryland. So after looking online for tickets, texting Matt and purchasing before he could say no we'll be at FedEx Field in black & gold.  (Well, I will be. Can't say the same for Matt)
I figured all odds are in favor of me going: it's on a Friday night so I don't have to worry about work the next day, it's close and preseason, so tickets were a (tad) bit cheaper.  I doubt I'll be able to afford any regular season tickets, so why not??  I know Matt and I aren't busy, either. ;) I'm so pumped to go! It'll sure be interesting in a 'Skins environment but I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell. I'll be taking pictures, too!

HERE WE GO! <3 86

Apple Pie

August 9, 2011

Matt and I had a nice relaxing weekend at the apartment. Things have been stressful for me and I love baking to feel better.
I had frozen pie crusts that I needed to use, so while at Costco we picked up apples to make the pie. (Thanks for the rushed email with recipes, Mom!)
I ended up making 2 pies because I did a crumb topping instead of pie crust on top. It's made up of oats, cold butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix it together until it's crumbly and pour over the pies before you bake them. YUM! I think I like the crumb topping better than the pie crust because I don't like a lot of crust.
Let me tell you baking is fun, a stress-reliever and it makes the apartment smell amazing. My apple pies came out amazing and it couldn't have been more simple. I think I need another slice of pie now.......


Yinz guyz, listen up!!!

August 5, 2011

So for my (almost) 100 Twitter followers*, every day of the week while at work I do an "#onthisday" tweet.  The AP wires send a list of interesting things that happened on each day of the year.  I read them at 3am on the dot and tweet my favorite to my followers who are all sleeping.  I was particularly excited to see this one today:

On August 5, 1921, a baseball game was broadcast for the first time as KDKA radio announcer Harold Arlin described the action between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies from Forbes Field.  The Pirates won, 8-5.

Cool, huh?  I thought so too!  I dig useless knowledge -- especially when it's about Pittsburgh and my teams.  Soooo yinz know what this means: let's eat peanuts, watch a Pirates game, and possibly drink "spirits" in celebration.  One more fact that makes the Buccos awesome! :)

*Side note: if you're not following me on Twitter yet, shame on you!!!  My tweets are hardly boring ;) Thinkabbadit.


August 3, 2011

We did this story this morning at work and I think this guy is great.  Meet Gary.  He sounds like Frank Sinatra and is really a construction worker.  I think it's great he has a talent and he uses it -- in a very CONSTRUCTive way (pun intended).  He can serenade me anytime!  Hm, maybe I'll try to find him next time I'm in NYC. :)