Our First Major Snow

January 28, 2011

So Wednesday evening we got a mayjah snow fall!  It started shortly after late afternoon and man it came down fast!
I, fortunately, had the day off.... which was quickly ruined by a text from my boss saying Thursday morning we were going on the air at 4am and I had to be there at 3:30am.  Talk about a kill-joy!!!!!
So in an hour or two before I had to go to bed (waay early than you all) I was snapping pictures of the snow -- while watching the local news.  It turned ugly fast as people were told to go home from work early, which caused traffic volumes worse than a normal day.  To make matters worse, the snow was very heavy and slushy at first.  It took commuters HOURS to get home... or even go a few miles.  Luckily, I wasn't driving in it.. but really felt for those who were smack dab in the middle of it.
Fast-forward through to reeaaalllly early Thursday morning and the ground was covered with several inches of snow.  Nothing plowed or moved - guess who wasn't getting to work in a Civic.  So I had to wake Matt up and he took me to work.  Even in his SUV we had some problems in areas!  Nothing was plowed even a little bit and there were abandoned cars all over the roads -- evidence of impatient people or those who ran out of gas.  Even tractor trailers were not moving.
And man work was long.  Nothing but snow coverage from 4a-9a then 4 more shows after that.  Whew!  My wonderful boyfriend even came to pick me up from work (he didn't have to work).  It was such a long chaotic day! 
This pic to the right was taken this afternoon -- and the roads in our development are STILL not plowed!!  So incredibly frustrating.  All that snow and slush-turned-ice is just sitting there getting worse for us drivers.  Hopefully that is plowed before I have to drive to work tomorrow morning.......
It looks like next week we are on the map to get more snow.. hopefully it's not much!
I just have one question: Can we fast FAST forward to summer... say... July-ish??

Super Bowl Bound!!!

January 24, 2011

SO unbelievably excited the Steelers are AFC Champs and we're goin' to Super Bowl XLV!! (Here we go.. duh duh nuh nuh nuh!)
Last night, Matt and I had his boss and his wife over before the game.  We laughed, ate fondue and enjoyed the company.  What a great game, too!!  I've been watching You Tube Steelers videos all day.. and this one gets me pumped, plus the highlights are pretty sweet too.  Just thought I'd share more Steeler love on my blog just like I am on Facebook & Twitter.  :)
You know what it is... black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow!!!!

PS~ Who would like to pay for my Super Bowl ticket to Dallas?? 


January 21, 2011

I never get sick.  I can always remember in high school my friends and classmates who would constantly miss school due to sickness, even at my last job coworkers would miss a lot of days -- and here's me: always at school and work!  I never get sick... until now.  All yesterday morning at work I felt normal: no coughing, just thirsty/tired.. the usual.  But within the last two hours of my shift, I began coughing and had major chills that felt like pin pricks all over my body.  I couldn't wait to be done with work and the drive back to the apartment.  Once I got back, I threw on my sweats, turned on the TV and crashed on the couch.  I couldn't stop coughing, felt cold then hot, nauseous and even had a bad headache.  I ended up going to bed around 3:30 and fell asleep until Matt woke me up when he got home from work around 6.  I sat on the couch, had chicken noodle soup (with extra noodles) for dinner and went to bed early.  I'm so not used to this!!  It hasn't been fun that's for sure.  I feel better today: most of the chills and nausea have disappeared.  I'm still coughing up gook (what a pretty picture, I know) and don't feel quite like myself yet.  It must just be a passing cold.... that won't last long.  I hope you all stay away from the nasty bugs out there!!

Ice Ice Baby

January 19, 2011

So Monday night we were hit with freezing rain that turned to ice.  When I left for work early Tuesday morning, I walked out and stopped to look around.  Ice... everywhere.  The steps, all around the parking lot, curbs, and hugging each car sitting in its space.  After mentally preparing myself to not fall, I started to walk to my car- down the steps across the parking lot, grass (which was also icy) and finally there. 
Then I looked at my car.  There was a good inch or so of PURE ice EVERYWHERE on it!!!  (I wish I would've taken a picture, but I was extremely tired and not thinking about it so early.)  I started my car, turned on the defrosters and grabbed my scraper.  It took quite a while and a lot of elbow grease to chip away at the ice and free my wipers but more importantly my windshield and back window.. I need to see where I'm driving lol!  By the time this all happened, time was ticking very fast and I had to be at work by 4am.  As I realize it's NOT gonna happen I try to hurry up.  Unfortunately, I had to stop at the mailbox near the end of our road to mail a bill.  After slipping I make it to the mailbox, run out to put my piece of mail in, start to leave..... instead I got stuck!!!!  After about 5 minutes of trying to get out, I did.. and drove right back to the apartment to wake Matt up.  He took me to work (half an hour late, o well!)
The upside to all this: after I was done with work, I Metro'd to HUD to hang out with Matt and his buddies for a few hours.  Then we took the Metro and bus home together.  It was fun!!  I'm becoming a regular at HUD, I should just work there ;)
Just another day in the life of Alissa!!

WHAT A Game!!!!!!

January 16, 2011

I was so pumped for the Steelers game, and also alittle nervous too because the Ravens are pretty good (though it pains me to say)
But my Steelers got it done in true fashion!  We crushed them birds 31-24.  Such an amazing win coming off a bad first half of the game-- only getting 7 points on the board but boy did we come back better than EVER in the second half to take our reign!!!!
Matt and I stayed in and watched the game in HD with snacks and beer.  We were going to check out a Steelers bar in Maryland near us (there's a lot around!) but we decided to save money on drinks and relax at the apartment.  Fine by me!  I'll take the couch and big TV to watch a nail-biter game.  I was literally sitting on the edge of the couch at times.. jumping up and down in celebration and disgust at some calls and events.  But you know what?  We did it!  It was such a great game.  I was so nervous: my heart pounding, racing (maybe I shouldn't have been jumping up and down screaming) and waving my Terrible Towel like I was at the game.. probably how every one of those players felt.
I am SO stoked we won, I can't even tell you!!!!  My voice is a little..... sore today from screaming and celebrating (as Matt looks on thinking I'm crazy)  but I'm just so proud of this team.  They regrouped at half time and came back to win it.  They deserved to win it.  I LOVE the city of Pittsburgh -- the Steelers (and other teams of course) and all of us fans are THE best.  Seriously.  We are so proud of our players and always have faith.
Pittsburgh has been in the AFC title game in 2001, '04, '05 and '08, and won the Super Bowl the last two times it got this far.
At work yesterday, sporting my Steelers jersey, I got to talking about the Steelers and sports in general with a couple people I work with.  One woman said to me: "The fans in Pittsburgh are.... they're.... very into their teams." LOL  Yes, yes we are.  :)

My Resolutions

January 11, 2011

I forgot to post my Resolutions for 2011!  D'oh!
Eleven days into the new year, and I'm not starting out so well.  Haha! 
I've given this much thought (okay not TOO much)... and I've decided that I don't really have many resolutions this year, if any.  Sad, I know!  You're thinking 'Girl, you lazy.'  And while that may be true, I just feel as though new years resolutions (for me, anyway) are a waste of time.  Actually- not quite, cause I don't usually stick to them ;)  Gosh I'm so bad!
In thinking about it here are a few I've been thinking about:

1. Get a fulltime job
2. Blog more -- about fun things, not complaining
3. Be more positive

In my college life perhaps, this would've been a lot different: working out.. blah blah.  But really, I can't keep up with it!  Especially in winter, so it didn't make the list.  I just really need a fulltime job for so many reasons, so that is numbero uno.  And, God willing, it will come true soon and start my 2011 of fabulously. 
I've been tossing around specific ideas that I could do for my blog: funny things, my cooking/baking adventures.. but nothing concrete... yet.  I just know I need to do it more.  Not because of my tons of adoring and faithful fans who always read my posts, but simply because I like doing it even if no one reads. 
Onto number three.  I worry a lot.  A LOT.  Did I say a lot??  I worry about events, 'what-ifs'.. anything I can make up in mind.  Most of my worries don't actually happen.  I am going to work on being more positive toward life and everything in mine.  I have much to be thankful for and while my situation seems like a hurdle I can't get across, I will eventually.  I just need to get a big running start.  :)  See what I did there? 
So, there you all have it.  My resolutions for 2011 -- check back in to see how I'm doing with them through these next 11+ months.  What are you resolutions??

50 Years Ago Today.....

January 6, 2011

....my beautiful Mom was born!!! 
This blog is dedicated to her.  Growing up both my parents were amazing.  I have so many great memories and everytime I see them, there's more for my scrapbook :) 
While I love my Dad, he can't quiiiite be like my mom: another female that I can relate to, seek advice, go shopping with (alllll day!) bake, and so much more.
I feel like I can talk to my Mom, especially, about anything and that hasn't changed.  She has helped me through a lot: good, bad, and just plain dumb (i.e. high school relationships). 
Since I've moved away - I found myself completely missing it... really just my family so bad it hurts sometimes.  We all have tons of fun whether it is dinner, fondue-ing, or sitting around talking and catching up.  And my mother is hilarious!  She cracks jokes along with all of us.  We all laugh so hard at one another.
She has driven me to interviews, sleepovers, school (to name a few) before I got my license, helped with homework, school projects and activities and always encouraged me.
Who else (along with my dad) is blessed enough to have parents move you to NYC for the summer to go through the best internship ever to prepare for post-college?  No one but me, that's who!  They gave up a lot for that and tons more.
And I must say SHE is where I got my baking skills, too. ;)  We can't forget that!  I'm spoiled with her baking and cooking -- and don't like to stray from her concoctions (can I move back home?)
I could go on and on, but that would probably get boring for my audience out there, and I don't want to make anyone jealous of my great mommy.  ;)  So with all that said, I want to say Happy happy birthday, MOM!  You are a wonderful woman, and I hope to one day be the person (and mom) you are.  I love you!

I will leave you with some great 'Momquotes':
"If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been."
~ Robert Brault

"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."
~ Author Unknown

"A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done."
~ Author Unknown