December 6, 2011

As this was boiling away- I was blogging. I forgot
it and (slightly) overcooked my Ramen! But I'll still eat it :)
It's a cold rainy day so I need something hot for lunch. Every time I eat Ramen I am transported back to long ago.......Ramen noodles remind me of my dorm days at Clarion U. I distinctly remember trudging down to the lobby kitchen (no microwaves in dorm rooms because apparently they can cause fires) from room 329 to microwave my Ramen in a purple bowl. I had gotten pretty darn good at using that microwave. Late night eating while surfing the internet  doing homework. Mmmhmm.

I just had to post this -- I'm feeling nostalgic. Thinking back to my college days and the amazing times I had.

What makes you nostalgic??

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