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December 28, 2011

Things have calmed down for us this week (until we visit home for NYE) so I've been organizing all my christmas gifts, cupboards and getting rid of excess kitchen supplies. I love organizing!! Santa was very good to me this year. (And by Santa, I mean my family and Matt) I received such great gifts that I am so excited about! Here are some of my favorites...

I am BIG into baking/cooking and all things in the kitchen so imagine my shock when I opened my KitchenAid Professional mixer.... in red!!! Matt did an exceptional job!

And something that is totally different: my jewelry tree from my Mom. I love the look of it - and there are SO many holes/areas to put earrings and necklaces. I might have had way too much fun hanging my jewelry on it! :)

What are your favorite Christmas gifts this year???

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