Fashion Monday

December 19, 2011

Seeing Red
Love the ruffles! (

In this FM post I'm celebrating the color red. Christmas is 6 days away and I'm even more in the spirit. Red is such a fabulous color- on every woman! Dresses, blazers, jewelry, shoes. O my!

Love this look!
I've found some of my favorite ravishing red items -- available to buy! A couple searches of "red" and lots to peruse through~ it want them all!
Kate Spade via

I am DYING to get these matchstick chords from J.Crew. They come in many colors, but I'm loving this red (at least to start my collection ;).

Mac lipliner in Redd

I'm also feeling a bit daring and want to try a red lip. (When going bold on the lip be sure to stay neutral in the other makeup!) I'm thinking the holiday is a perfect time to try it. I love lipgloss and neutral colors - but definitely getting a stick of this! (stay tuned)
Drooling over the red accents!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas! In red!!!

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